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The Best Tablets for Reading Literature, Newspapers, and Browsing the Web

If you are going to indulge in a tablet you may as well get the best one. Keep reading to see which are the best tablets for reading and web browsing. Did you know this past year 52% of readers preferred e-readers over traditional books? This has been a growing trend ever since they were introduced to the market. Readers are trending more and more towards reading on a tablet over the standard paper book or newspaper. You may be asking, but there are so many tablets online to choose from how do I know which one to choose?...

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How Technology Is Helping the Luxury Industry Evolve

Over the last decade,  we are noticing the growth of start-up businesses responsible for driving the traditional luxury retailers into the modern digital era using e-commerce as well as innovative marketing models. The impact of digital innovation changed the perspective of the luxury industry significantly. The technology helped transform this particular industry in ways how brands can reach out and interact with their consumers effectively. Furthermore, with the rise of online audiences nowadays, the internet also changed the buying habits of consumers. We can now observe a significant number of buyers purchase merchandise through the internet for faster transactions,...

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Smart Home Technology: The New Frontier In Luxury Living

Luxury properties often evoke images of opulent gardens, large pools, marble in the bathrooms, and grand chandeliers in the foyer. But there’s a new side to luxury living that you may not know about: smart home technology. This technology is a step up from your Amazon Alexa sitting in the living room or kitchen; this smart technology takes luxury living to a brand new level. What Is A Smart Home Now? Smart home technology is changing, and consumers are staying interested. More than 80% of consumers either already own or would like to purchase connected home products for their...

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Top Tech Inventions that are Shaping the Future of Business

As technology pushes forward at a relentless pace, it’s no surprise that our standard business procedures are shifting to make way for new inventions. From the factory floor to the C-suite offices, tech will drastically affect the future of big and small industries alike. But what exactly does that look like? While companies have big plans in mind, it will take time to integrate these technologies into the production process. Take a peek at some of the top tech innovations that will be making their way into the workplace over the next few years. Drones That two-day Amazon Prime...

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5 Digital Diet Solutions for New Year Slimdown Success

With the 2019 CES show having debuted multiple diet-focused consumer technologies, including devices that analyze the gases in people’s breath to uncover what diet improvements would be helpful for them, there is much ado about progressive digital solutions fostering slimdown success this New Year and beyond. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of five savvy tech solutions poised to help us shed those stubborn, unwanted pounds easier, more effectively and more sustainably for the long-term: 1. Lumen and FoodMarble Showcased at this year’s CES show, both are pocket-sized devices that users blow into. They pair with smartphone apps that tell people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories. The firm behind Lumen states that their device provides a way for people to monitor their metabolisms. The device also has the capability of determining if the user is burning carbs or fats. Meanwhile, FoodMarble measures hydrogen levels in an attempt to make deductions about a person’s digestive health. The thought is that the device can be to help people avoid foods that cause bloating, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms. 2. TRAQ Smart Shoes Here’s some killer wearable technology for fitness-minded folks. TRAQ, Alegria’s first smart shoe, is the world’s first comfort smart shoes with built-in pedometer plus a personalized app community. The designs are made for walking, working and leisure, simultaneously allowing you to accurately count...

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Chef Julien Royer Signs Agreement with Sarment’s Keyyes Luxury Digital Platform

Sarment Holding Limited (TSXV SAIS) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Julien Royer, a world renowned chef, in a collaboration with its digital platform Keyyes. Julien Royer, a two-starred Michelin chef and owner of one of world’s top fine dining restaurants, Odette, is now working together with Keyyes’ Gourmet marketplace to offer its community a chance to purchase the exact ingredients that he uses in his restaurant’s kitchen. Odette is Chef Royer’s first personal project, which earned two Michelin stars within nine months of its opening in 2015. He previously headlined award-winning restaurants like Jaan in Singapore and...

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Luxurious Sound Quality Master & Dynamic Headphones

Headphone sound quality is something we take for granted. Our earbuds are tethered to mobile devices listening to our music libraries, watching Netflix or just having a good old-fashioned phone conversation. Holiday headphones were at the top of my shopping list for my special someone and when I was invited to test the MH30 Foldable On-Ear Headphones (Retail $299 USD) by Master & Dynamic, I couldn’t refuse. I do not enjoy headphones that rest inside the ear; I prefer over the ear and haven’t been thrilled with my own personal set. Within a few days of placing my order,...

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Make Your Business More Accessible Online

Some time ago we posted an article about what you can do to improve your business. We covered topics such as addressing workplace safety concerns, allowing flexibility in work schedules, and generally keeping employees. All of these things are vital for crafting a productive and even enjoyable work environment. In this post we’re going to cover more topics related to the improvement of your personal business. But this time, we’re going to focus on what you can do to make yourself more accessible to potential clients and customers online. The overarching way to think about this sort of effort...

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What You Can Do To Improve Your Business

Entrepreneurs need to be ever-evolving if they’re keen on succeeding in today’s cutthroat business world. There’s fierce competition from all sides so making the most out of company resources is key to a fruitful future for the company. Aside from maximizing what the company has, adding new ingredients into the business mix can also be a major factor in gaining the edge over the competition. The business world is a dog-eat-dog world, so it’s best to leverage anything and everything as much as possible in order to succeed. Healthy workers make the most productive workers Various studies have proven...

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Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access

The Internet has not spread around the globe equally. Just as each country has its own economic policy, each one’s relationship with technology also affects how it stands in comparison to neighboring nations. Countries With the Best Public Wi-Fi When navigating the globe’s public Wi-Fi hotspots, high-speed Internet is not always easy to come by. The top 20 countries for Wi-Fi are mostly in Europe, with Lithuania and Croatia leading the pack with the fastest download speeds. Article republished with permission from

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Mobile Hotel Booking Trends Report by Sojern and Google

Sojern partnered with Google on an interactive report looking at new trends in the hotel world. Here is the infographic and some findings: Mobile is Now the Dominant Channel for Hotel Searches with over 53% share of US search volume. In economy, that’s 73% of all searches, compared with 53% for upscale and 45% for luxury hotels. Mobile Search Is Growing Fastest for Luxury Hotels: 23% in share of mobile searches, compared with 19% for upscale hotels and 14% for economy hotel brands. Mobile Bookings Spike on Weekends- peaking at 14% on Sundays. Last Minute Search and Bookings: 58% of...

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Live out of a Suitcase? There’s an app for that

DUFL is a new app that is taking the “lug” out of “luggage.” The app is changing how the jet-set, and business heavy travelers, are traveling. A premium luxury travel service that acts a personal valet for frequent fliers, does the packing and luggage transportation for its clients. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: DUFL sends a large suitcase to your home, which you fill with your favorite travel essentials; DUFL then picks up the suitcase and brings to their secure warehouse; The contents get inventoried, photographed, cleaned and stored, and a digital wardrobe of the contents is...

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