Author: Merilee Kern

Royal Blues Hotel: An Elegant Oceanside Enclave

Share: Just south of Palm Beach, along Florida’s eastern coast, lies scenic Deerfield Beach, a city well known for its pristine and clean coastline and the recreational water activities delighting both residents and tourists.  Here, world-class boating, fishing, diving, boarding and more are all within close range. Other nearby attractions include golf courses, polo clubs and the famous Quiet Waters Park—the 430-acre R&R zone that’s home to many campgrounds, skate parks, the “Splash Adventure” attraction and the longest cable ski course in the nation. Even as it continues to grow in popularity, Deerfield Beach is a small community, one...

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Anatomy of a Grand Weekend Getaway at Boulders Resort and Spa Arizona

Share: Amid my hectic work schedule and family life where there’s nary a moment to spare, let alone full weeks (or more) to take extended trips, I’ve become a master of the “micro-vacations”—those long weekend getaways that strike just the right balance of relaxation, adventure and indulgence to satisfy my wanderlust. A recent micro-jaunt took me to Phoenix, Arizona, America’s sixth-largest city, where cowboys continue to roam and the red rock-laden topography is peppered with the kind of cactus some only see in cartoons. The city’s enduring Southwestern backdrop is not only a draw for me, but also for...

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The Ambrose Hotel Santa Monica Mastering Boutique Hospitality

Share: There’s just something about a boutique hotel. Maybe it’s the quaint locales or the stylish upscale accommodations. Perhaps it’s the extraordinarily personalized level of service or the charming and unexpected touches that make it abundantly clear you’re not at a cookie-cutter chain operation.  It’s these things and more that draw me to boutique properties time and time again, especially when I’m in a baroque beach town like Santa Monica—Los Angeles’ beachfront haven of fun and fabulosity. Well known for serving as the backdrop for hundreds of movies and a hub for all sorts of creative media companies that...

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Enchantment Aboard the Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise

Share: Whether you’re a tourist seeking adventure in the Big Apple or are a long-standing resident of New York City celebrating a special occasion—or just looking for a fabulous night out, the Spirit of New York dinner cruise along the New York Harbor offers a truly memorable experience afloat. The frivolity starts the moment you arrive at Chelsea Pier and step on board the vessel—a three-deck, climate-controlled party yacht that can accommodate up to 600 guests year-round. Although spring and summer cruises are always popular, the specialty holiday season cruises like the “Holiday Lights Dinner Cruise” that I recently...

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Alan Thicke Talks Private Planes and Other Perks of the Profession

Share: One has to assume that entertainment industry veteran Alan Thicke is no stranger to luxury living. Amid an esteemed career through which he has earned a Golden Globe “Best Actor” nomination, seven Emmy Award nominations (five for writing, two for acting) and induction to Canada’s Walk of Fame, among other career honors, Thicke has lived an exciting, adventurous and privileged life rife with recognition. With the success of his popular sitcom reality, Unusually Thicke, having enjoyed its sophomore season on Pop TV in both the United States and Canada, it seems there’s no stopping this enduring actor and...

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