Traveling is a wonderful experience; seeing the world and experiencing cultures different to your own can be educational and a transforming experience. Nowadays many young people are looking to travel the world before university or after, while those who have retired wish to relax and enjoy their time in countries wide and far. Traveling is all so exciting, but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

When traveling, you need to be aware of your surroundings and realize that there are certain countries that has high crime rates. Insurance is, of course, a must, but there are many ways you can help yourself stay safe when abroad.

1. Be Vigilant

Paying attention to your surroundings is important when you’re abroad. It’s an entirely new environment, so you want to keep safety in mind. One way to do this is by trying your best not to stand out like a sore thumb as that could draw negative attention to yourself, especially when it comes to criminals. Make sure you keep your handbags close by and avoid disclosing sensitive information in public.

2. Share Details with Family

When you travel, it’s important that your friends or family know where you are. Share the details of your trip and where you’ll be staying with at least one or two close people so that in the case of an emergency, they can find you. These details should include things such as your itinerary as well as phone numbers of the hotel or accommodation you’ll be staying at.


3. Get Insurance

Another ideal way that you can keep safe while you’re abroad would be to get insurance. There are different types which offer various levels of coverage, so find a plan that works for you.

Getting travel insurance is also essential in case of an emergency where you’ll need medical care. If you do get into an accident abroad, then you should visit and see whether you’re able to get the compensation you need.

4. Tuck Valuables Away

As briefly mentioned earlier, avoid carrying valuables around and out in the open. Safety is something that should never be neglected even though it isn’t always in your control. As mentioned above, it’s imperative that you try your best to take safety measure so that your trip is all that you hope it will be. To keep safe abroad, it’s also advisable that you don’t keep money in one place and avoid carry bulks of cash around.

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5. Know The Area

Getting familiar with the area that you’ll be visiting before arriving is crucial. Use the internet to look for local police stations, hospitals, and any other important places you may need to know. By doing this and bringing a map along, you’ll know what to do in the case of an emergency. Take note of where the nearest embassy is located could be a smart move to make too.

6. Keep Cards Safe

If you have debit or credit cards with you, remember that theft and credit card fraud could put your accounts at risk. Cards can be the cheapest way to pay for things abroad if you choose the right ones, but be sure to protect your pin and security code.