We have an alternative for all those, who are tired of and disappointed with speculations and lack of specificity in astrological predictions and horoscopes. We invite you to get acquainted with an alternative to horoscopes—the Ancient Zodiac, which existed long before astrology. This will not only allow you, dear readers, to get a taste of true spirituality, but will also give purely pragmatic results; it will allow you to understand true motivations of your own or other people’s behavior, as well as to predict and model it at your discretion.

All materials are based on the discovery of an ancient esoteric source, which turned out to be the Catalog of human population because it contains detailed descriptions of two hundred and ninety three subtypes of biological type Homo sapiens. The title of this source is the Book of Mountains and Seas. According to some researchers, it appeared in the 23rd century BC—long before not only astrology, but also any existing religions. This ancient source was discovered as the Catalog of human population and decrypted by a Russian researcher and sinologist—Andrey Davydov—in the 70s of the 20th century. It is being used on practical for twenty years now since it is the only tool in the world, using which it is possible to uncover the individual structure of human psyche (or, using computer terminology—”the program” inherent in the unconscious from birth).*

Spirit-Totem: a Bird with a Human HeadInformation about Spirits-Totem, about which we will tell you, was also discovered by researcher Andrey Davydov in the above-mentioned Book of Mountains and Seas. Therefore, it is important to understand from the very beginning that Spirits-Totems are not something that exists outside of limits of nature or beyond the limits of one of its parts—human psyche. Spirits-Totems are part of the structure of human psyche. They are implanted in the form of archetypes in the unconscious of a human at the genetic level and that is precisely why they greatly influence a human (much greater than the Sun, other planets, or anything else).

Also, it should be understood from the very beginning that Totems described in the Book of Mountains and Seas have some similarity with the Zodiac signs, but this similarity is purely external. There are also twelve of them and they also influence people born during certain periods of the annual cycle, but similarities end at this. They differ in form and content. For example, everyone knows characters called “signs of the Zodiac:” Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Spirits-Totems look completely different: for example, a Bird with a Dragon’s Head; a Spirit with a Human Body, but Horns of a Ram; Spirits with a Wild Boar’s Body, but with Eight Legs and a Snake’s Tail; etc. At the same time, “zodiac” means “menagerie,” while Spirits-Totems are not animals—they are complex chimeras (with all the ensuing consequences, about which we simply cannot tell in the format of a short article).

Consider some more differences. According to the Zodiac, February is ruled by Aquarius (from February 20th to March 20th); while the influence of February’s Totem called a Spirit with a Human Body and a Dragon’s Head applies to people born in February. Starting February 27th the the power goes to the Spirit with an Animal’s Body, a Human Face and a Horn.

As for differences in content, influence of the Zodiac on a human is based on the position of the Sun on the celestial sphere at the moment of his birth, and Totem-Spirits are those personal qualities, life algorithms, abilities, goals, motivations, etc., which are part of human psyche from birth (“installed” by nature, so to speak). They are part of human psyche of an individual, along with his or her natural program and manipulation modes given from birth. In other words, influence of astrological signs of the Zodiac is an influence that comes from the outside, while influence of Spirits-Totems is an influence that comes exclusively from within a person, from archetypes implanted in the depths of his unconscious.

A Totem is the sum of qualities, which surpass qualities of an ordinary person. A Totem is a stage of development of an individual on the path to the status of a “Human;” in other words, it gives Homo sapiens that what in this civilization is called “super-abilities.” Zodiac signs, stars and planets do not give a human such abilities. In addition, there are not twelve, but actually twenty four Spirits-Totems. And so on; there are many more examples of differences between the Ancient Zodiac and astrology or horoscopes.

We think that here it does not make sense to go into too much detail about what totemic levels and their spirits are—it is too complicated for people, who just got acquainted with the topic of the Catalog of human population. Probably, all that you, dear readers, need to know right now is that every one of you is born with a certain “program;” one out of two hundred and ninety three that exist in nature. However, your potential does not end, but only begins with this “program.” The “program,” with which you were born, is only the first step on the ladder of development, perfection of a human being. This primary program is only a springboard, which a person who found it out from the Catalog of human population and worked with it in a certain way, can use to go up the entire “ladder.” In our civilization the level of a person, who passed the level of his primary “program” given from birth and  moved on to the level of the totem, is usually called “finding spirituality”, “spiritual development,” etc. However, our long-term studies of the source (which turned out to be the blueprint of humanity and seems to have been left to us by our creator or creators) have shown that what is commonly called “spirituality” has nothing to do with true spirituality. However, we will discuss this some other time.

Then, what are these Spirits-Totems? And, how are they related to people, who have not reached the Totem levels at least because they do not even know their natural “program?” There is a very simple explanation. Spirits-Totems patronize people, giving them certain natural qualities, increasing their strength, abilities and survival rate. It is like a “sandwich:” on top of the individual “program,” with which a person was born (i.e., innate qualities and character properties, life algorithms, etc.) are qualities of the next level of his development embodied in a certain Spirit-Totem (one of twelve). Just like in a real sandwich: cheese and meats, for example, some onions, ketchup and lettuce are put on top of a slice of bread. That is if we explain very primitively what Spirits-Totems are. However, to be precise, a Spirit-Totem is the sum of qualities, which surpass ordinary human qualities and abilities.

That is a different topic. From our point of view, all that readers need to understand right now is that people born under guardianship of a particular Spirit-Totem acquire its qualities (even if they are added on to the primary individual natural “program” given to a person from birth). On the one hand, this creates a certain similarity between all those, who are born during the period of reign (patronage) of one of the twelve Spirits-Totems; but, on the other hand, it also creates some very significant differences between them. For example: two people born under the guardianship of the Totem-Spirit with a bird’s body, but the dragon’s head (one was born on May 10th and the other on May 16th) will have some similarities in characters, which this Totem gives them, but their personal qualities, lifestyles, life algorithms, preferences, goals, etc. will be categorically different. In any case, the influence of Spirits of Totem levels exists and mystics usually call this “guarding from above” or something like that.

Enough theory! It is time to move on to the practical part. In order to simplify things in regard to this topic for those of our readers, who just got acquainted with it (which is extensive and turns many of their old conceptions “upside down”), we will tell about Spirits-Totems month by month: January, February, March, April, and so on. If any of you will ever want to learn more about this topic—you can always turn to the Human Population Academy. And now, dear readers, allow us to finally acquaint you with May’s guardian—Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head. What is this Spirit?

Spirit-Totem With Body Of A Bird, But A Dragon’s Head—Guardian Of People Born In May

May’s guardian is a Bird with a Dragon’s Head. Bird’s body makes this Totem very mobile: it is very easy for him to take off from a familiar spot in order to conquer new territories. There is a huge volume of information stored in the big dragon head, which allows May to travel light: after all, knowledge is the only valuable possession for a Bird with a Dragon’s Head.

This Totem is very inquisitive, smart, and has inner composure. This helps him quickly find ways out of the most tangled situations. Besides, due to these qualities, he steadily moves toward his main goal–domination over people’s minds. Yes, deep inside May dreams about the role of a Teacher or a world-renowned Guru.

He measures his success not by quantity of money or his title, but by the number of “loyal followers,” who became infected with his ideas. He has plenty of these followers since a person born in May subtly senses other people’s desires; his “goods” are beautifully packaged and masterfully advertised. He is not always honest. However, lies of a May Totem are like deceits of a tale-teller, which one really wants to believe. Having fixated on the idea, he tries to fully conform to it. He is very thorough when it comes to his wardrobe and communication style; he spends time in front of a mirror learning how to smile. It is very easy for him to transform into a fragile and sick decadent or a chubby and good-natured Santa Claus. He is ready to spend hours at a gym to gain muscles, or do yoga or gymnastics in order to be flexible. Due to his innate persistence he gets what he wants pretty quickly regardless of his age or state of health.

Another secret of May’s instantaneous metamorphoses is that he has a great talent when it comes to cooking. He invents his own recipes, knowing exactly which dish will add intelligence and which dish will make him fine and graceful looking.

This Totem is capable of quite a lot in order to conquer his beloved. A Bird with a Dragon’s Head might even produce a special smell, which will have an unfailing effect on his partner. He completely dissolves in the object of his desire, predicts wishes and, thus, becomes absolutely irreplaceable. He nourishes and cherishes his children, and tries to bring them up according to his own image and likeness.

However, this universal “robot-transformer” has a weakness: he is very sensitive to changes in the environment. Pollution, sudden pressure changes, snow in June and rain in January make him think about only his well-being and hinder the process of conquering the masses.

Right away we would like to warn our readers that since the Catalog of human population is not a horoscope that what you have just read about the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head is just a drop in the ocean of qualities and abilities that it gives to people born in May. You merely got acquainted with this Spirit. However, we think that even this short excursion into the world of Spirits-Totems from the ancient Book of Mountains and Seas will give our readers some idea about ​​the so-called “ancient Zodiac.”

You might be wondering: what real people were born under the guardianship of the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head? Oh, there are many such people. We will name just a few examples of people, about whom you probably heard: Harry Truman (33rd US president), born on May 8th; Adam Opel (the founder of the company that manufactures Opel cars), born on May 9th; Jim Abrahams (American screenwriter and director), born on May 10th, Salvador Dali (Spanish surrealist painter), born on May 11th; Wilhelm Steinitz (German chess player, first world champion), born on May 14th; George Lucas (American filmmaker and producer), born on May 14th; Robert Zemeckis (American filmmaker and producer) and Mark Zuckerberg (American programmer and businessman, founder of Facebook); also born on May 14th; Élie Metchnikoff (Russian zoologist), born on May 15th; Pierre Curie (French physicist) and Madeleine Albright (American politician, first woman as US Secretary of State), also born on May 15th; Christian Lacroix (French couturier), born on May 16th; Nicholas II (Emperor of Russia), born May 18th; Bertrand Russell (British philosopher) and John Paul II (Pope), also born on May 18th; John Jacob Abel (American pharmacologist and biochemist), born on May 19th; Ho Chi Minh (president of Vietnam) and Paul Pot (Cambodian dictator), also born on May 19th; and many, many others.

As it is clear from examples of famous people given above—monarchs and presidents, scholars and couturiers all show us qualities of their Spirit-Totem: the Bird with a Dragon’s Head. These people embody qualities of this Totem, demonstrate remarkable intellect, aspiration to be in power, leadership qualities (which sometimes turn into dictatorship), high ambitions, will, abilities to realize these ambitions, ability to establish something new and subsequently leading it.

Let’s Talk Totem To Totem?

However, since nothing exists in this world by itself, but necessarily interacts with all surrounding elements—we will now briefly tell about interaction of the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head with other Spirits-Totems, which are guardians of other periods in the annual cycle. In the case of the May Totem (a Spirit with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head) we will tell about the following Spirits-Totems: guardians of August, November and February. Their names are: a Bull with Five Legs and a Human Face, a Wild Boar with a Human Head and a Human with Dragon’s Head.

Also, here it is necessary to say a few words about relations between people under the guardianship of the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head and other representatives of the same Totem.

The best way to gain а May born person’s confidence is to become him; that is—to embody the ideal image of this Totem. Then, you will understand each other without having to spell everything out and nothing will ruin your harmonious tandem.

You might ask: why get acquainted with these Spirits-Totems, who are guardians of other months, if there is complete harmony between two or more representatives of the May Spirit (a bird with a dragon’s head)? You will find out. And, you will understand that this acquaintance is not just for entertainment, but is also very practical and pragmatic.

Dear readers, if you are not yet well acquainted with the Catalog of human population and are not using it in your daily life—you do not know about natural “manipulation modes” (which are individual for each person), we are offering to use  a simpler version: manipulation using of knowledge of Totems.

According to the ancient source of knowledge about the structure of human psyche—the Book of Mountains and Seas—each Totem has three partners: suppressing, balancing (harmonizing) and stimulating Totems. With knowledge about them it becomes possible to control a person you are interested in, who was born under the guardianship of a particular Spirit-Totem. This is much easier for beginners than application of individual “manipulation modes.” Try it and you might succeed.

Depending on what you want from a person, choose one of the three modes; meaning, choose which Totem you should embody. Just keep in mind: by entering the image of a particular Totem, you truly acquire its character traits. So, be careful not to “play too much” and eventually lose your “individuality.”

May’s Suppressing Totem: August’s Spirit-Totem—A Bull With Five Legs And A Human Face


Spirit-Totem A Bull With Five Legs And A Human Face

In order to walk around with a Bird with a Dragon’s Head on a short leash, one would need to turn into his idol—a Bull with Five Legs and a Human Face (August’s guardian). August is very curious and May finds a grateful listener in him. At the same time, а bull stands out against the background of those, who are in May’s circle: he is very independent in his judgments and predilections, and intellectual tricks of a Bird with a Dragon’s Head cannot confuse him. May senses superiority and, at the same time, benevolence of the August Totem, and for this reason does everything possible to keep August’s favor.

May’s Balancing Totem: November’s Spirit-Totem—A Wild Boar With A Human Head

Do you dream of becoming friends with a person, who was born under the guardianship of the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body and a dragon’s head? In order to do this, now you no longer need knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming, gypsy’s hypnosis or anything like that. Simply embody the image of the November Spirit-Totem—a Wild Boar with a Human Head. Like May’s Spirit, a Wild Boar with a Human Head is full of ideas and he generously shares them with others.

If you want to become friends with May, then try on the skin of a Boar with a Human Head–November Totem. A person born in May likes boar’s purposefulness and uncompromising attitude, as well as his ability to quickly realize all kinds of projects, which a dragon head has in plenitude. Thus, these two complement each other greatly.

Here is an example of a friendly tandem between Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head and Spirit-Totem with a wild boar’s body, but a human head from real life: the most beautiful pair from the French movies—the stunning actor Alain Delon and Mireille Darc (actress, screenwriter, director and model).

Alain Delon

He was born on November 8th, and this means that his guardian is the November’s Spirit-Totem—a Wild Boar with a Human Head. She was born on May 15th, under the guardianship of the Spirit-Totem called a Bird with a Dragon’s Head.

Mireille Darc

As it is known, there were many women in Alain Delon’s life, which is not surprising for a man of his looks and talent. However, his relationships did not last long even with his legal wives. One day he met Mireille Darc and, according to some sources, their relationship lasted for about fifteen years. For Alain Delon it is an eternity! And, no other woman besides Mireille was able to beat this record! Not to mention that at first no one believed that their relationship was serious and would last.

They met in 1969 on the set of a film titled Jeff, and Mireille became not only Alain’s lover, but also his business partner (perfume, clothing) and just a good friend. Not everything in their relationship went smoothly. This star couple’s feelings were tested many times. For example, Mireille had a weak heart and in the end she decided to undergo surgery, and then Delon spent every free minute with his girlfriend and ran to the hospital between shootings. When Darc recovered, friends thought that marriage was on the horizon. However, marriage did not take place and they parted. People gossiped that the reason for their parting was Mireille’s weak health: she could not have children. And then, sometime after the split Darc got into a car accident and miraculously survived. Again, Delon behaved like a true friend: supported his former lover, tried to revive her interest in life, etc. Although they still broke up, according to some sources they remained true friends! That is what it means to approach each other not using a horoscope, but using information about Totems from the Catalog of human population!

Mireille had qualities of the Spirit-Totem of November—the Wild Boar with a Human Head, which, according to natural laws, is a harmonizing, balancing Totem mode for the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head (Alain Delon’s guardian). It was thanks to this that Darc and Delon were connected not only by love and work, but also true friendship and true spiritual intimacy. There are many more such examples. For example: Pierre Curie (born on May 15th) and Maria Sklodowska-Curie (born on November 7th), whose creative union made them recipients of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903.

So, if you want to become friends with people, born under the guardianship of the Spirit-Totem with a bird’s body and a dragon’s head, then act out the role of the November’s Spirit-Totem—the Wild Boar with a Human Head. They will think that there is no better friend than you.

May’s Stimulating Totem: February’s Spirit-Totem—A Human With A Dragon’s Head

Did someone trim the wings of a Bird with a Dragon’s Head? One, who was born to fly crawls on the ground and does not dare to look at the sky? Help May enjoy flying again. In order to do this, we recommend turning into the February Totem–a Human with a Dragon’s Head.

They both have dragon heads and this means that their train of thoughts is quite similar. This bothers the May Totem because no matter what he invents and how cunning he is—he cannot cheat February. However, he does not want to lose respect of his brother in mind; thus, a bird is forced to be in a constant state of alert.

At the same time, May considers a February born person somewhat infantile, one who spreads himself thin and is not adapted to life; therefore, May often assumes the role of a nanny. Sensing double responsibility, a Bird with a Dragon’s Head gathers his strength and spreads his wings.

An example of such tandem is another famous pair: the 33rd US President Truman (born on May 8th) and Elizabeth Virginia “Bess” Truman (born on February 13th). Not everything went smoothly in their relationship. For example, Bess was not interested in all the formalities and pomposity of the White House. Even though she persistently fulfilled all social obligations that corresponded to her position, in regular life Bess did only that what she considered necessary and after the end of Truman’s presidential term, she was happy to return to her former lifestyle, as if she never was the First Lady. That is, in essence Bess did not share values ​​and lifestyle of her husband-President. However, they remained married, even though in most cases people with different values ​​and views get divorced. Truman also could have divorce his wife after the end of his presidential term. Why he did not do it? The Ancient Zodiac provides an explanation: life of a president of a country is not easy and it requires a lot from a person, so Harry Truman needed a wife, who would stimulate him to successes and victories on this post. And Bess, who was born under the guardianship of stimulating Totem—May (Totem-Spirit with a bird’s body, but a dragon’s head) was exactly like that.

This was a brief summary of what we can tell you about the Spirit-Totem of the month of May and associated Spirits-Totems (rulers of other months). In the next article, we will introduce you, dear readers, to June’s guardians.

* Details about what the Catalog of human population is, who discovered it, when and on the basis of decryption of which ancient sources are available in our books series titled the Catalog of Human Souls written by Andrey Davydov, Olga Skorbatyuk and Kate Bazilevsky.

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