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How to Use Manuka Honey to Reap its Benefits

As years pass by, we come across different products that gain popularity because of their health benefits. And one of these products is the Manuka honey. You have probably seen it in your favorite celebrity’s Instagram feed or wellness blogs, but what is really so unique with this distinctive-sounding honey? What is Manuka Honey? The name itself comes from the fact that it is produced by the bees that pollinate the Manuka flower. And if you want to find the best Manuka honey brand, you’ll notice that this honey is pricier compared to your typical store-bought brands. This is...

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A St. Patty’s Day Sandwich

  In honor of the day when everyone is Irish, welcome family and friends to a traditional St. Patrick’s Day lunch with this Reuben Sandwich recipe. Find more seasonal recipes at Watch video to see how to make this recipe! Reuben Sandwich Servings: 2 2          tablespoons butter, softened 4          slices rye and pumpernickel swirl bread 4          slices swiss cheese 6          ounces corned beef 2          tablespoons, plus 2 teaspoons, Thousand Island Dressing, divided 4          tablespoons sauerkraut Heat nonstick skillet over medium heat. Spread 1 tablespoon butter on one side of two bread slices. Place buttered side down in heated...

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America’s Most Scenic Drives

From the stunning ocean views of the Pacific Coast Highway to the spectacular backdrop of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, America boasts several of the world’s most scenic drives. So grab the camera, gas up the car, and enjoy the ride. Here are ten of our country’s most picturesque roadways. Scenic Byway 12, Utah Starting at Capitol Reef National Park, Scenic Byway 12 in Utah has a higher concentration of scenic overlooks, National and State Parks, and points of interest than any other road in the nation. Scenic Byway 12 spans 112-miles and travels through the spectacular Grand Staircase...

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A First-time Visitor’s Guide to Ubud, Bali

Is it time for you to start planning your next vacation? Perhaps it’s been a difficult start to 2020 and you’re in need of some rest and relaxation? Maybe you’re planning a fun adventure for you and all the family, or a romantic getaway for some quality time with your partner? Or perhaps you need a break on your own to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life? Whichever type of holiday you’re after, the beautiful setting of Ubud has it all. Although foreign tourism in Indonesia dropped by 2.03% between 2018 and 2019, the number of visitors...

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How to Plan a Luxury Date For Any Occasion

Whether your special time with your special someone is going to be an anniversary date or a Valentine’s celebration with your significant other, there’s no doubt that the sweetheart in your life deserves the VIP treatment. Here are a few tips on how you can plan a luxury date for your significant other. Always Have a Reservation One of the most important things about planning a memorable date is to make sure that you should always book your table, ticket, or bottle service in advance. Preferably, you should do it a few weeks in advance because the finer establishments...

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The World’s Most Famous Auctions

The heyday of auctions began in the thirteenth century in Europe. Today Internet auctions are gaining popularity. What traditions are preserved and what has become fashionable at modern auctions? The most popular European auctions: Oldest Auction  It is generally believed that the most popular auctions in Europe are Sotheby’s and Christie’s, but they are not. It is impossible not to remember the French auction of Drouot, which is not only very famous but also one of the oldest. It sells paintings, furniture, various household items from different eras. Drouot occupies four auction halls in Paris. Thanks to the free...

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Faire La Fête the Official Bubbly of Mardi Gras — “The Original Champagne”

Faire La Fête Brut, the most exciting Champagne-alternative that you’ve never heard of (yet) and the only sparkling wine with historical roots in the world’s original Mardi Gras festival—coming up on February 25th. Master Sommeliers from around the country have been quietly touting Faire La Fête’s complex character and delicate mousse, but all wine lovers can appreciate its quality/price ratio: For under $20 (SRP $19), this stands up with the best of your average Champagne—often outperforming its $50+ peers. That’s likely because, at a mere six grams per liter, Faire La Fête has 30 percent less residual sugar than the leading Champagne brands....

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Dramatic Waterfall in Madrid is Inside a Hotel and Has No Water

Starting February 26th, Madrid will be filled with the finest international art as part of the new edition of ARCO, the main contemporary art fair on the international circuit. Travelers flocking into the city can also experience one of the tallest and most complex interior sculptures in Europe created by artist and engineer Pere Gifre (Figueres, 1974). Housed in VP Plaza España Design, the impressive waterfall sculpture is a great example of impressive innovation. Inspired by Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí, the sculptural designer was able to find the forms and volumes of water by playing with the density of water, achieving...

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The Most Popular Areas to Visit in Liverpool

As more and more young workers, entrepreneurs and businesses begin to uproot themselves from London and the south of the UK and move north, Liverpool is surging in popularity. This doesn’t just make it an exciting and vibrant destination for professionals and workers, but also for tourists looking for some of the hottest spots in the UK to visit. Interested in finding out more about this thriving northern city? Here’s a short guide, detailing some of the most popular and exciting areas to visit in Liverpool. The Liverpool Waters and the Royal Albert Dock The Liverpool ONE retail complex...

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A Review of Moonpod – The New Age Beanbag Chair

Most people have a childhood memory of a beanbag, whether it was a go-to seat at home or a fought-over favourite at school. But what about as adults? Can we really see ourselves getting home from work and sinking into a beanbag, of all things? It turns out that yes, many people are, and it’s called the Moonpod. Is this new-age, high-end beanbag chair for you? Keep reading for a thorough Moonpod review. What is it and how does it work? The Moonpod is a bean-shaped, cushion-like chair with a long, rounded shape and a curved indent in the...

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9 Simple Changes to Make Your Wardrobe More Comfortable

There are few things worse than going about your day and suddenly feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. Maybe your shirt is a little too tight and it’s leaving some irritation marks across your stomach. Perhaps you forgot that the cardigan you chose to wear that day was the scratchy one you try at all costs to avoid. Whatever the case, it’s time to look into ways to level up the comfort of your wardrobe. Start with your foundation If you want to build a strong house, it’s important to start with a great foundation. The same concept applies to...

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Understanding Wine Ratings: How the System Works

Since the start of recorded history, people have been drinking wine. Not only was it for drinking, but it also has a long history of being used in medical practices. Nowadays, people drink wine for many reasons. Some just enjoy the taste, others like the health benefits it gives to the body. There is no doubt that wine had deeply ingrained itself in our society as a beneficial drink. It became so popular that there is a system that rates wines depending on their characteristics. What is the Wine Rating System? A wine rating system works by having critics...

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