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Tips to Throw the Best Parties this Awards Season

It’s awards season, which means that it’s time to celebrate the talent behind all your favorite movies and television shows. Planning to host friends for a watch party? Here is how to bring the elegance and excitement of Hollywood right into your living room: • Encourage evening wear: While your guests may not be delivering acceptance speeches to millions of viewers nationwide, that’s no reason for your crew not to look their best. Invite friends to wear their most fabulous frocks so everyone can feel glamorous like those on screen. • Lay down the red carpet: In your walkway...

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Are you a roadside hero or a drive-on-byer? Take the new RAC motoring quiz

So, you think you’re a good driver, but are you a good person? The RAC is putting motorists’ good nature to the test, with a quiz to reveal driving habits that tell all. Most of us have found ourselves in need of some roadside assistance at some point or another, but how many of us would actually stop to help someone in need? Take the ultimate test to find out if you’re a roadside hero or a drive-on-byer! Who are the kindest in their cars? The quiz will reveal who the most commendable roadside heroes are, asking some fascinating...

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A Tourist’s Guide to Luxury Florida

Florida is a wild state – there’s so much to do and so much to explore. From the starstruck beaches of Miami to the scrubland to the swamp, you’ll find no shortage of luxury tourism during your visit. So what are you waiting for? Book up, do your research and get to travelling! The Beach and the Deco District Shopping, lounging, bathing, swimming, drinking, burning, laughing; Miami beach is one of Florida’s most iconic locations. Take the edge off the heat and lounge near the sparkling waters of the U.S. coast, cocktail in hand. Many high end hotels, five...

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Rio de Janeiro Has Views That Will Boost Your Instagram Likes

Gone are the days when tourists would only evaluate accommodation and flight prices before booking a trip. A survey conducted by British insurance company Schofields Insurance confirmed a trend that is clearly seen every day in the feed of thousands of Instagram users: being in scenarios that yield spectacular photos is a priority for travelers. According to the survey, which interviewed 1,000 Britons aged 18-33, 40% of people prioritize how “Instagram worthy” is the destination they will visit. The photographic aesthetic for social networks outweighs items such as cost, local cuisine and whether alcohol is sold at low prices...

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6 Ways to Keep Safe Abroad

Traveling is a wonderful experience; seeing the world and experiencing cultures different to your own can be educational and a transforming experience. Nowadays many young people are looking to travel the world before university or after, while those who have retired wish to relax and enjoy their time in countries wide and far. Traveling is all so exciting, but that doesn’t mean it is safe. When traveling, you need to be aware of your surroundings and realize that there are certain countries that has high crime rates. Insurance is, of course, a must, but there are many ways you...

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Dreaming of Some Sun in the Dreary Weather? Here are 2019’s Top Holiday Destinations

If you live in the northern hemisphere then you’re likely looking towards the warmer months, to a time when scarves will be a thing of the past and your nose doesn’t go numb when you step out of the door. In the meantime, it can feel cold at home and booking a winter vacation might be your only answer to getting through the colder weather. Whether you’re on a budget or have a bit more to spend, there are plenty of destination vacations to cure your winter blues. 1. Cancun Cancun has been a vacation destination for the well...

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6 Must See Attractions When Touring Iceland

In 2017, the number of tourists visiting Iceland surpassed 2 million. If you are planning to join the millions of people visiting this beautiful country, then there are a few attractions you need to have on your must-see list. In addition to knowing the best attractions in this region, it’s also essential that you book with a reputable tour company, such as To help ensure you see all the best things Iceland offers, use some of the ideas on this list. Blue Lagoon This is an extremely popular, man-made geothermal spa full of crystal-clear water. It’s the only...

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11 Extravagant Travel Experiences for 2019 Curated by The Blackstone

Luxe Beat focuses on the most luxurious experiences. We wanted to share with our readers The Blackstone hotel’s extravagant guide. It features 11 exclusive experiences ranging from $1,800 to $25,000 for the most astute traveler throughout Chicago and one in Iceland, such as: Guests can start their trip at The Blackstone and end at Iceland’s famed black sand beaches (package starts at $4,700) The hotel will recreate The Untouchables set filmed in its Crystal Ballroom with a lavish feast and more (package starts at $25,000) Work with KOVAL Distillery to create a one-of-a-kind barrel of bourbon (package starts at $10,000) Guests can purchase any of the extravagant offers through January 31, 2019 and book...

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Twice-As-Nice Holiday Treats

With 334 days leading up to December, make the most of the season by enjoying the holiday’s quintessential flavors like gingerbread, peppermint and cinnamon – with double the festive treats to please every taste. Transform one vibrant holiday flavor into two festive treats that family and friends are sure to love. Nothing signals the holiday season like the sweet and spicy snap of gingerbread. Enjoy this must-have flavor in freshly baked Gingerbread Men Cookies or a Triple Chocolate Gingerbread cake. Peppermint offers a refreshing, sweet taste that’s perfect for gifted treats like Peppermint Crunch Popcorn and Peppermint Bars. Also,...

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Maison Vivienne Opens In NYC

Maison Vivienne announced the opening of its elegantly modern Manhattan-based flagship restaurant, located at 116 East 60th Street on the Upper East Side. Maison Vivienne, which has a second location designed to cater to guests who frequent Southampton, offers a contemporary interpretation of French Provencal Mediterranean classics, all created with sustainable and local ingredients when possible. Residing in a traditional townhouse property, the 4,000 square foot plus space can seat up to 160 guests at any given time. Featuring an inviting  long bar at street level, the design, created by Paris K Studio, draws inspiration from the historic building through the use of the...

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Sparkling Wine and Spirits Gift & Cocktail Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday parties and celebrations are all around! Sparkling wine, spirits and cocktails are a must when entertaining. Here are some holiday cocktail recipes you won’t want to miss! Best buys are included below. Cheers!  Simple sparkling wine and spirits cocktails recipes for single-serves and crowds. Sparkling Holiday Punch   A bubbly and festive addition to all holiday festivities. 8 oz. Chambord Liqueur 8 oz. Cranberry Juice 2 chilled bottles Korbel Brut Cranberries Pour ingredients into a large punch bowl or pitcher and stir. Top with raspberries or cranberries. Herbarium Holiday Pitcher A refreshing and light break from heavy holiday indulgences. 4...

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Luxury Experiences and Rare Goods Are Top Gifts for the Wealthy

With the official holiday season in full swing, the time has come to start shopping for loved ones, but what happens if that person is a millionaire who already has the world at their fingertips? MillionaireMatch, the largest and original millionaire dating site with over 3.5 million singles, surveyed its members and discovered some of the top gift ideas for the holidays. “No matter the income bracket, it really is the thought that counts,” said Katherine, spokesperson for the world’s largest millionaire dating site, “It’s just that sometimes that thought comes with a price tag.” Here are the top...

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