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Doing The Grand Canyon In Grand Style

Visits to our nation’s treasures, the U.S. National Parks, connect people with nature and history. Personally, they wake me up far better than a double espresso. They fill my soul with wonder and appreciation. A recent trip to the Grand Canyon became a glorious getaway and certainly ranked as one of my best. The view from the South Rim declares and defines nature’s power and beauty about as profoundly as possible. Trust me, no one leaves disappointed. The carving of the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River has taken place over the last six million years, exposing rocks at...

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The End of Innocence

Luxe Beat Magazine has the exclusive sneak preview of Allegra Jordan’s book The End of Innocence. Prologue The wind bit into his neck. It burned his bruised ear, and the quick- falling snow piled around his boots. But the question repeated ceaselessly in his mind, like a record’s needle turning after the song is through, the machine’s energy not yet spent. It seemed like such a short time ago when one single death had brought his world to a halt. Mere months before, he’d been a student in America, at Harvard, when Max von Steiger, a fellow German classmate...

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Aristotle—A Man for All Seasons and Centuries

Today, it seems that Aristotle’s status and prestige in the Western world are slowly increasing. They are still, regrettably, behind Plato’s. Also, most academic philosophers, as such, give short shrift to any ancient intellectuals who developed complete philosophical systems. Nonetheless, his recognition seems to be slowly improving. As a Greek who worked extensively in Athens, Aristotle was at the forefront of the acknowledged foundations of Western civilization. These Greeks are credited as the first to “think about thinking.” In the 5th and 4th centuries B.C, Athens and a few other Greek city states get the credit for these achievements....

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Birmingham And Montgomery, Alabama

Writing about visiting Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, with merging history and contemporary times in mind, brought up the quotation by Joss Whedon – “Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” This isn’t happening in Alabama, as its history offered is forthright and exhibited everywhere. This place is full of United States history. In the same way we admire courage in signing the Declaration of Independence, the story in Alabama comes out of similar display of courage and convictions. The parts about what to see on tour, to avoid sugar coating it, are mostly vestiges of murders, Ku Klux Klan...

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Mughal Magnificence: India’s Taj Mahal

I sat in utter amazement, nestled in the back seat while my driver, a Sikh wearing a turban, somehow maneuvered the car through a free-for-all frenzied traffic jam of epic proportions. Seven jumbled lanes of misaligned vehicles squished within three officially marked lines. As far as I could see, no rules of the road existed. A cacophony of honking and beeping horns seemed to simply announce, “I’m here.” Bicycles, rickshaws, motorcycles, hundreds of tiny Tok-Tok three-wheeled cars (occasionally overstuffed with people like clown cars at the circus) plus regular size vehicles, buses and trucks and ox carts vied for...

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The Inn At Cuckolds Lighthouse

How many of you have thought about a private island or really staying in a lighthouse? Not a rugged lighthouse like in “Eye of the Needle” or “Vertigo,” but one that has been historically restored to perfection on the outside, with every modern luxurious amenity on the inside. The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse makes this dream a reality. Let’s look at its history first: During the 19th and early 20th century, Boothbay Harbor was a busy fishing port. In The Lighthouse Board Report for 1890, it noted the need for a fog signal: “The Cuckolds consist of two rock...

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What Do Mamie Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, And Queen Elizabeth II Have In Common?

Louisville Stoneware records show that Mamie Eisenhower used the popular Bachelor Button pattern in her every day dishes. Ronald Reagan received a small scale Louisville Stoneware replica of the White House, filled with jelly beans. In 2007, when she visited Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, Queen Elizabeth II received a Louisville Stoneware music box that played My Old Kentucky Home. By changing with the times, by continuing the American tradition of transforming clay into enduring, functional art forms, Louisville Stoneware celebrates 200 years in 2015. For two centuries, their creative designs in stoneware have reflected the ever-changing story...

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Real Life Wonder Women

When writing about women in history, it is virtually impossible to name all women who have made a large contribution to Western society. That would take years of research and selection. Instead, what I’ve done is to note some whom I believe have made a substantial impact and what I call real life wonder women. Julia Child—A great American chef, born in 1912, was the first female to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After Child and her husband returned to the U.S., she wrote recipes for American cooks to show how French cooking was possible and practical...

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Virginia’s Clifton Inn: Southern Charm, History And Luxury

Clifton Inn is a historic Relais & Châteaux hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia. Set in picturesque and historic Albemarle County, Clifton Inn is a short drive from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, sitting on land that once belonged to the third U.S. president. Today, you can stay in luxury at the elegantly remodeled Clifton Inn, but history will surround you during your stay. Clifton Inn’s history As you wind up the driveway towards Clifton Inn, it’s easy to see why this is such a treasured location. The stately home, with its wide front porch and tall columns, looks out across the rolling Virginia...

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Washington’s Magnificent Spooks

This superlative historical text, George Washington’s Secret Six, by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger describes a hitherto little known, but vital feature in American history—George Washington’s Secret Six spy ring, that played a very heroic and positive role in the American Revolution. In the Central Intelligence Agency, its archivist said that his organization uses strategy and design of a particular program for training today’s new recruits. Are we talking about the script from Argo?  Are we talking about material from the hunt for Bin Laden? No, indeed, we are talking about George Washington’s program for his network of spies...

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Art of the Matter

Can you hear it?  That certain hum? It’s on the streets of one particular bohemian city just outside Orlando.  It’s a beat so distinct it permeates the very core of your soul.  And on any given day that’s precisely what you’ll encounter.  That rhythm.  A kind of impromptu melody, that sings within the hearts of visitors and locals alike.  Though it’s not audible to most, it’s there.  It is.  Look closely and you’ll see it for yourself, in the syncopated footsteps, overt skips, and even the over-zealously playful nature of the people strolling down an avenue called Park in...

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A Singular Vision – Luxury With A Past

A modern day steampunk fantasy has been resurrected from the industrial bones of an early 20th century cold storage plant in Southern Chile.  In this historical space, Singular Hotels now offers a 5-star luxury hotel and spa experience like no other.  The hotel is visually unique with its immense brick wall architecture, vertical columns supporting high ceilings and large windows that draw in every bit of sunlight.  Giant flywheels attached to huge pistons sit next to a complex series of valves that once regulated the flow of Ammonia.  Electrical generators that bellowed around-the-clock to feed the industrial heart of...

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