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Dive into Summer with The Pelican Tide: A Captivating Story of Love, Family and Food Set in Louisiana

Dive into Summer with The Pelican Tide: A Captivating Story of Love, Family and Food Set in Louisiana
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After disaster strikes, a Louisiana family and their community need to prove to each other and the world that their bond is thicker than the oil threatening their shores in Sharon J. Wishnow’s stunning debut novel.

Summer is a great time to relax and read a good book.  I love nothing more than diving into a really good story.  Sharon Wishnow’s debut novel, The Pelican Tide, does just that along with a brown pelican named Gumbo.

It’s taken Chef Josie Babineaux six months to reconcile the debts left from her husband Brian’s gambling along with her broken heart. But now with a promising tourist season heating up and a travel magazine declaring her the spice queen of the bayou, she may be able to save her family’s historic Cajun restaurant. Repairing her relationship with her daughter, Minnow, while hiding the true reason she left her husband is a bigger issue.

Just as the first tourists arrive, an explosion on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico shatters their fragile plans. With her island community at the epicenter of the oil spill, everything is endangered, including the restaurant’s beloved mascot― Gumbo, a brown pelican dear to the family’s heart.

Josie realizes her family needs more than financial recovery. Only reconciling her past and revealing the truth can clean up the guilt and hurt pooling under the surface. And maybe, with enough honesty, this family can find renewal.

The Pelican Tide comes out June 11 but you can pre-order your copy now by clicking here: The Pelican Tide: A Novel: Wishnow, Sharon J.: 9781662518492: Books.

Sharon J. Wishnow is a transplanted New Englander who makes her home in Northern Virginia.

In addition to writing upmarket fiction with environmental themes, Sharon writes non-fiction in the science, technology, and business categories with a passion for research, seashells, birds, and the ocean. She has been a member of the Boston Malacological Club since she was ten years old. She credits growing up by the ocean and family camping trips for her love and respect for all that is outside her door.

I write stories about flawed, strong women with plots that have environmental themes that show how changes in the environment change people.

Sharon is the former Vice President of Communications for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), the founder of Women’s Fiction Day, and is the Executive Editor of the WFWA magazine, WriteOn!  She has an MFA from George Mason University, a publications certification from George Washington University, and a BA from Clark University. She regularly speaks about research and writing and publishes a regular newsletter, Research for Writers and Other Curious People.

When she’s not writing or researching, you can find her in the garden, watching the birds in her backyard, or feeding peanuts to her local squirrels.  Learn more at

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