In art it requires enormous discipline and many years of practice to master the human form. It is not enough to replicate the figure; it is important for artists to evoke thoughts and emotions — to transform viewers — through their art. Artists Rose Adare, Bren Sibilsky, Joanne St-Cyr and Frantisek Strouhal accomplish these tasks. In their own unique styles,  they convey powerful expressions about the human spirit. They have also acquired international recognition, honors and awards for their work.

Rose Adare

Rose Adare, Cupidon: Portrait of Alex Stitt, a LGBTQ writer, fire spinner and psycho-philosopher; oil and gold leaf on Belgium linen, each painting 48″ x 24″.

Rose Adare
Rose Adare is a Classical Realist painter who currently lives in Hawaii. Her oil paintings on Belgium linen adhere to the classical master painters’ process of applying many translucent layers of oil paint to achieve luminosity.

She has created a compelling series of paintings titled “Restraint & Revolution” that pay homage to the many diverse and colorful subcultures of the 21st century. This series, which she describes as “the lives and lifestyles of fringe culture,” has become a traveling educational exhibition. Comprised of 30 large oil paintings, the exhibit includes a 45-minute documentary, a 116-page color book, art talks, panel discussions and performances from some of the talents that appear in her series of paintings.

Adare has achieved a worldwide reputation for her art work, which is included in many private collections. Her many exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. include the California Palace of the Legion of Honor’s Fine Art Museum in San Francisco, CA. She is a member of the Manhattan Arts International curated Featured Artists Program and the recipient of the Third Place Award in the current Manhattan Arts International “Hot Topics – Bold Expressions” exhibition.

The artist is a graduate alumna of the San Francisco Academy of Art University, where she was awarded a full, three-year scholarship to the Atelier School of Classical Realism, in Temescal, California. She studied under David Hardy, a highly acclaimed master artist. She is also the co-founder of the annual Muse Studio Showcase: A Celebration of Art and Music.

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Bren Sibilsky

Bren Sibilsky, Fishers of Men, clay, 28” x 12” x 11”.

Bren Sibilsky
Bren Sibilsky refers to her style as “Classical Representation with Baroque undertones,” The sculptor, who lives in Wisconsin, has created an ongoing series of timeless mythological figures in clay and bronze. Her artistic skills span many forms – from exquisite full standing figures and equestrian statues, to portraits and small scale reliefs. She also works in charcoal pencil and painting.

Sibilsky’s art reflects her poetic sensibility and exudes grace, will and triumph of the human spirit. She explains, “My artwork is driven from a need to be one with the force of nature and the world in which we live. As a seeker of wisdom, I am powerfully motivated to understand mankind’s place in the universe and the meaning of our existence.”

The international full-time artist is also the founder and an instructor at the Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art in Wisconsin. Her art has attracted many collectors from North America and Europe and has consistently won multiple awards in a range of mediums throughout her accomplished career.

Sibilsky’s many one-person and group exhibitions include those at the Miller Art Museum, Fairfield Museum, and the National Sculpture Society, in New York, NY, among others. Her sculpture “Fishers of Men” won a First Place Award from Manhattan Arts International in “The Healing Power of ART” 2015 exhibition. She is also a member of the curated Manhattan Arts International Featured Artists Program.

She has been interviewed on WBDK radio, and has been featured in articles published in the Resorter Reporter, Peninsula Pulse, Professional Artist, Green Bay Press-Gazette, and other publications.

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Joanne St-Cyr, Ré-création (Re-Creation), oil on canvas, 18” x 24”.

Joanne St-Cyr
Joanne St-Cyr uses symbolism to represent various subjects in the guise of metaphorical references, a visionary state of mind or an abstract concept. Her awe-inspiring allegorical oil paintings are created in the same manner as those of the Renaissance Masters, which requires time and patience to allow for drying between layers. She describes this process as a daily ritual.

St-Cyr’s current theme is titled “NATURA,” about which she writes: “The philosophical thread I am pursuing at the moment has to do with the constant duality between man and nature. Man’s extraordinary efforts to try and control nature, our stubbornness to manipulate, reorganize and mistreat her… she will not go down without a fight!”

Born in Montreal, Canada, Joanne St-Cyr discovered her love for drawing and painting at a young age and started painting in oils when she was 13 years old. The artist now lives in Quebec and has attracted many collectors and accolades from around the globe. She has participated in many exhibitions including the Le Grand Palais, Paris, France, and Musée Marius-Barbeau in Quebec, Canada, among others.

St-Cyr has won several awards including Third Prize at Musée Laurier in Quebec, Canada. Her art work has been published in Le Magazin’art, a French Art magazine. She is also a member of the Manhattan Arts International curated Featured Artists Program.

The artist studied Fine Art at Concordia University and UQAM in Montreal, Canada. She has been a member of ‘Institut des Arts Figuratifs’ since 1994.

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Frantisek Strouhal

Frantisek Strouhal, Aurora; oil printing and lithography inks on paper, 24” x 20”.

Frantisek Strouhal
Frantisek Strouhal is a mixed media artist who is internationally admired for his unique body of work titled “Art Embracing Awareness.” The human form is essential to the Canadian artist who says it is “the most universal symbol of beauty that can stir and satisfy the mind and heart.”

In his art, figures seem to emerge from surreal, dreamlike pools of warm sepia tones as if bathed or suspended in an ethereal vapor.  He explains, “Light and texture play the important role of portraying the energy and strength which emanate from beneath the surface of the subjects.”

It takes Strouhal many hours to build up a depth of ink, layer by layer, and his choices of brushes, papers, and lithographic inks determine the outcome. He uses 19th century techniques and states, “The processes I use are slow but intense; the result is an image that asks for that time back from the viewer.”

Strouhal encourages viewers to contemplate and interact with his pieces in a peaceful manner. “My imagery is meant to serve as an oasis of tranquility, permanence and strength and to capture and highlight what is fundamental to our being and society.”

The artist was born in Moravia to a family of painters and artists. He has had many exhibitions in the United States and Canada, including the 2014-15 Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal at the Rotary Centre of the Arts in Kelowna, B.C., and his art was selected for the Manhattan Arts International curated art exhibition “The Healing Power of ART,” 2015. He is a member of the Manhattan Arts International Featured Artists Program.

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