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Gin from Japan! Say what? [COCKTAIL TIME]

Gin from Japan! Say what? [COCKTAIL TIME]

Sure, sake comes to mind when you think of Japan…but what about gin?

The Sakurao Brewery and Distillery Co. was founded in 1918 in Sakurao in Hiroshima. Originally a sake producer, it has now elevated it’s process into curating unique whisky blends, importing brewing methods from around the world.     

Sakurao Gin is produced in a German-made, copper hybrid still. We utilize a hybrid distillation method that simultaneously incorporates the steeping method in which distillation is performed after immersing botanicals in a clear-tasting base spirits, as well as the vapor method in which botanicals are placed in a basket that is installed in the distillation path. Flavors are extracted from alcohol vapor passing through the botanicals. This hybrid method is the best way to extract the flavors of each and every botanical.

Sakurao Distillery, uses a 100+ year distilling technique and insider know-how in their elegant process, infusing only the best local ingredients to create their signature Limited Sakurao Gin.

This stellar limited blend is created with elements that create a variety of aromatic notes including lemon, yuzu, cypress, local oyster shells and even Japanese cherry blossoms. All in all, 17 carefully selected botanicals from Hiroshima and is now available for the rest of the world.

Sakurao Brewery and Distillery Co.

Guests can tour the factory and sip this secret treat as well as their single malt whisky “Togouchi” that is matured in the cellar high in the Chukogu Mountains, a cellar made from a former railway tunnel.

The Original

A craft gin that utilizes 9 kinds of botanicals, including fresh citrus from Hiroshima, and is distilled using a combination of steeping and vapor methods. Besides 9 kinds of botanicals from Hiroshima, 5 kinds of imported botanicals such as juniper berry and coriander seed are also used for SAKURAO GIN ORIGINAL.
The fusion of a citrus-like aroma with the traditional taste of gin is the most distinctive feature of our original gin.

The Limited

17 specially selected botanicals that feature the riches of the land and sea from Hiroshima are used as
ingredients and distilled using a combination of steeping and vapor methods to create this craft gin.


Please drink responsibly.

Japanese Gin

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