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Global Sustainable Home Trends You Should Be Following

Global Sustainable Home Trends You Should Be Following

With the world aiming to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency, sustainability has become a prevalent trend in home design and renovation.

A study from Chicago-based real estate developer AMLI Residential found that homeowners are now more concerned with the “green” amenities and features in their homes. The research revealed that this trend is especially true for millennials—who are currently the biggest market for home design and solutions. They want their homes to reflect the world they want to live in.

Sustainable Home Trends luxe beat
As more people become passionate about eco-friendly living, industries and designers are modernizing their approach to respond to this demand for sustainability. So, let’s look at sustainable trends in home design from around the globe that you can incorporate into your own home.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating

Sustainable Home Trends lighting and heating

While sustainability as a trend is not entirely new, advances in technology and regulation shifts are driving innovation for energy saving solutions.

Windows with sustainable features, energy monitoring, and smart home technologies are now being seen more and more at interior design fairs. This includes a popular European trend that focuses on large windows that let more natural light in to conserve interior temperatures. Combined with last year’s minimalistic Scandinavian trend, our article on ‘6 Home and Design Trends for 2019’ notes how huge spaces in muted colors look great when they are accompanied by these sustainable window designs.

The rise in renewable energy powered home designs is also astonishing.

Integrated renovations focused on decreasing fossil fuel consumption in heating and cooling systems are also becoming popular. In a bid to cut down carbon emissions, The Telegraph discusses how British homeowners are moving away from traditional gas boilers. With new regulations in the UK, the government is aiming to phase the old boilers out by 2025. UK plumbing specialists HomeServe recommend homeowners replace their old boiler with a more energy efficient model, especially if they are constantly having to repair an old unit. Combi boilers have become super popular in the UK as they only use hot water when needed, which significantly reduces the amount of energy a home uses. This trend can be applied to US homes that have had their boiler for over 10 years.

Sustainable Furniture and Materials

Living walls and green furniture remains a popular trend. Pieces made entirely from natural materials and sustainably sourced timber have dominated fairs in Hong Kong and Sweden this year.

Sustainable Home Trends

In Australia, Elle reports that recycled and repurposed furniture is veering away from last year’s bohemian aesthetic. Instead, they’re taking on more slick, clean, and elegant designs.

Asian design is starting to have a huge influence as it also compliments the drive for ecologically sound designs. Interior trade fairs in China and India are also showcasing a rise in modern luxe. It’s a combination of luxury materials like Shagreen and treated glass with minimal metallic accents usually made up of brass and brushed gold. Rugs are also making a comeback with vegetable-dyed wool and hand knotted designs making a return in trade fairs across Asia.

As the zero-waste and zero emission wave continues in the home design industry, the demand for sustainable solutions will continue to grow. Today’s homeowners recognize that sustainable home trends are at the forefront of interior design and want to make sure that their home is as eco-friendly as possible.

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