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Lindberg Customized Eyewear and an Interview with Henrik Lindberg

Lindberg Customized Eyewear and an Interview with Henrik Lindberg

Eyeware has been an integral part of my entire family’s life forever, or so it seems. I’ve experienced eyewear I disliked and others that seemed like part of me. To be able to learn about and interview Henrik Lindberg was an unexpected pleasure.

This family-run Danish business is led by Henrik Lindberg, who co-founded the company with his father, Poul-Jørn Lindberg,  in the 1980s. They are now recognized as one of the world’s leading international fashion eyewear companies.

Poul-Jørn Linberg

Poul-Jørn Lindberg



What I found interesting was Henrik trained as an architect. LINDBERG’s classic elegance and simplicity have played an important role in the company winning more international design awards than any other eyewear brand.


Henrik Lindberg Photo by Stefan Dongus

Henrik Lindberg Photo by Stefan Dongus

LINDBERG’s system for eyewear is different, as it is customized to personal preferences and appearance from the shapes, colors, sizes and features to each frame being engraved with owners name and a serial number.


Materials for frames come from all over the world, from 18-carat gold and platinum to natural horn and Siberian mammoth tusk or gold and diamonds if desired. The company makes a point of saying gold used is sourced from a responsibly run mine in Greenland, and pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.


My questions for Henrik led to the following answers:


MDH: How did your architecture background lead to designing eyeglasses?

Henrik: I was always very interested in design and studied architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. My design background came in handy when starting to work in the family owned business, LINDBERG A/S, which my father Poul-Jørn Lindberg started in the mid 80’s.


MDH: How do LINDBERG eyeglasses stand apart and keep the company on the leading edge?

Henrik: LINDBERG thinks differently all-round. The main reason why LINDBERG stands apart is because of the unique set up of doing everything in-house. We invest in the most advanced, cutting edge technology and develop our own methods of production. We have worked with titanium for more than 25 years and have an expertise with this material that sets ourselves apart from most other eyewear companies. LINDBERG is all about comfortable, flexible, non-allergenic, bespoke glasses.


MDH: For father and son, what were their most exciting moments working together?

Henrik: The most exciting moment was in ’85 when LINDBERG’s real breakthrough happened and we overcame all of the initial start up obstacles.


MDH: What are the biggest challenges in the industry and personally?

Henrik: The optical market is changing. Cheap glasses, prices, and quality are everywhere and skilled opticians are a becoming a rarity.

Personally, every day is a challenge, being involved in all processes of running a company where big and small decisions are never the same. Biggest challenge: That the day only holds 24 hours!

MDH: What is one of the most rewarding elements you take away from doing what you do?

Henrik: It is very rewarding working with so many different interesting people of different nationalities where our common goal is to make the perfect pair of glasses.

Thank you Henrik for your insight into LINDBERG.

Photography courtesy of LINDBERG except for the photo of Henrik which is noted.

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