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The Best Luxury Luggage For A Stylish Travel Look

The Best Luxury Luggage For A Stylish Travel Look

Traveling to is something that most people look forward to, especially when you are looking for an escape from your day to day routine.

Traveling requires planning. Deciding on your destination is half the fun! After you’ve booked your accommodations it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe. Deciding which clothes and accessories to bring, goes hand in hand with having a reliable set of luggage to put your belongings. 

Here are some tips on choosing the right luxury luggage:

The Benefits Of Luxury Luggage

Typically, luxury luggage is more durable and may last for several years. Moreover, these bags have superior construction and materials. Comparing this to budget carry-on bags and suitcases may trade off the quality in exchange for lower costs.    

There is some luxury luggage that has smart features, which makes it more convenient for a traveler. For instance, some are integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking to prevent the loss of luggage. Some come with built-in power banks that you can use to charge your phone when needed. Others have electronic baggage tags and TSA-approved locks also.

Look for durability and innovative features accompanied by premier style and design. High-end luggage can be glamorous by itself, and if it compliments your outfit…even better!

Opt For A Designer Travel Bag

Choosing designer luggage means you’ll usually have a higher quality travel bag that will last longer and look better. This applies to pockets and compartments, as well as the straps and wheels on your bag. 

Designer bags add class, style, and elegance to any ensemble. A designer bag can last a lifetime and doesn’t decrease in value. 

Leather Weekender from Von Baer

Leather Weekender from Von Baer

Go For A Travel Tote Bag

A travel tote bag is a kind of bag that has two straps on opposite sides and can be carried by the shoulder. It has a large compartment where you can place your essential travel belongings. Others might have smaller pockets for items like your passport, phone, wallet, and other gadgets. This bag can be used as a carry-on when traveling to distant places or during regular commutes.  

Some totes are smaller, making them the ideal carry-on bag for travelers. Likewise, tote bags are versatile. Hence, you can use it for any formal or casual event.

Tote bags are stylish and perfect for less-distant trips. They come in various colors, designs, and materials. For example, you can opt for a full-grain, brown leather tote bag to complement your formal or casual attire. Or choose a brightly colored nylon tote bag to add color to your monochromatic dress.

luxury luggage

Choose Duffel Bags

If you need a carry-on bag for your next flight or cruise trip, a duffel bag can be your ideal choice. A duffel bag has a middle compartment that is big enough to fit clothes, documents, or gadgets. Thus, it falls under large travel bags. 

A duffel bag has solid zippers with two handles that go as one to create shoulder straps. These straps add to their handiness, perfect as a carry-on. Some duffel bags are 22 inches high and 17 inches wide, which is usually accepted by airlines. This space is enough to fit your clothes and other necessities.

The significant part is that duffel bags come in various designs and styles suitable for different use, such as traveling, going to the gym, or attending an important business. Moreover, it comes in different sizes—some are tall and wide, shaped like a typical backpack or luggage, or long and cylindrical.  

Aside from this, there are also those made of vegetable-tanned leather with an internal compartment that’s canvas-lined. Some are also waxed cotton and leather, while others consist of ballistic nylon with a replaceable compartment.

You can travel while keeping your fashion in style. One way to do this is to choose a luxury luggage bag for your next trip. Some examples of high-end luggage are in this article, so take note of them if you want one.

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