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How & Where iPhone Is Made: Comparison Of Apple’s Manufacturing Process

Article By Alex Hillsberg republished with permission. We call it the iPhone Saga, how Apple has perfected the art of juggling the global supply chain, its nose locked on where on earth to get suppliers that can offer the most efficient and best value parts under Apple’s strict quality benchmark. This infographic comes on the heels of our editorial team’s past effort to follow the iPhone supply chain and what it means to American manufacturing. The latest story is about the iPhone 6 using glass and not the rumored sapphire crystal. But the story is more than just the...

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The Most Expensive Food In The World: 10 Lavish Alternatives To Your Everyday Dishes

It’s just another Paris Hilton Instagram post showing the room service meal she ordered during her Shanghai sojourn last November. “I love Chinese food,” she commented. But there’s one problem, except for the fried rice, the dishes were hardly Chinese: panini, creamy soup, spaghetti, and some other general meals. I wouldn’t fault her though, and the public seems to understand her little culinary mishap. After all, the Paris Hiltons amidst us are more at home eating fancy meals than being confronted by an unassuming panini. Well then, let’s give Paris Hilton one fancy menu. I thought to put together...

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10 World’s Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities

By Alex Hillsberg and Chris Sibbet Does having the most expensive car matter to a celebrity? Apparently not to David Beckham. Nor does he care that his Rollys-Royce Phantom Drophead is the slowest in top speed and acceleration rate among the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars featured on our latest infographic. Perhaps for this Englishman, it’s the class that counts. You couldn’t get a classier “family car” than Beckham’s; he was even spotted to drive his kids around Beverly Hills in his Phantom. But rap stars are definitely at it, topping the first half of the most expensive...

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Luxe Beat Magazine’s Top 5 Favorite Ritz-Carlton Spas

When it comes to pampering, Ritz-Carlton knows how to take care of their guests. We’ve pulled together a list of our Top Five Favorite Ritz-Carlton Spas. Let’s see which spas made the cut. 1. New Orleans “In this small and intimate 147-room hotel, you would not expect to find a 25,000 square foot spa featuring nearly 100 services and 22 treatment rooms. Picking the services I wanted to experience from such a varied menu was daunting. However, I was fortunate to confer with spa director Daisye Sudran, who is responsible for development of most of its services.”–Maralyn Hill. Full...

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There Are No Do-Overs

By Tom Raffio, Barbara McLaughlin & Dave Cowens Find the Right Players for the Right Positions Long before I was awarded a four-year basketball scholarship to Florida State University in 1966, my high school coach told me if I was five feet away from the basket with the ball, I should pass it out to a guard and not shoot. When I advanced to the Celtics, I was lucky to play alongside Larry Bird. Larry was an offensive genius and as competitive and dedicated to his coach as any athlete has ever been. His ability to control games was...

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