Author: Karin Leperi

From Hemingway to Cash: Arkansas’ Literary and Musical Past

Arkansas usually is short-shifted when it comes to recognizing cultural geniuses of the past. What most Americans do not realize is that Ernest Hemingway came to Arkansas via his second wife Pauline Pfeiffer. In the 1930s, Pauline’s parent converted the barn on their property into a place where Hemingway could write while visiting. He completed parts of A Farewell to Arms and several short stories here. Johnny Cash and his family moved from Kingsland to Dyess, Arkansas in the 1935, and occupied a house in the Dyess colony through 1953. Arkansas was the influence and roots of his budding beginnings as a musician and singer.

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Fischer & Wieser Mustard Show-Down

I am a fanatic about mustard for many reasons. I like the fact that it is low in calories and carbohydrates, has no fat, and is actually good for you. An excellent source of selenium, mustard can also be a good source of magnesium. (Selenium can help reduce asthma severity, decrease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and reputedly can help prevent cancer. Magnesium also helps reduce severity of asthma, reduce frequency of migraines and lowers high blood pressure.) Also, mustard is a nice alternative to fattening mayonnaise. As a condiment, it goes very well with so many dishes; the versatility...

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Fredericksburg, Texas: Wine, Art and Cuisine

Fredericksburg, Texas is a small town of about 12,000 that has been coming into its own lately. With a heaping dose of small town hospitality, it still has big city amenities. Situated in the Hill Country of central Texas, it’s about an hour from San Antonio and just a tad farther from Austin. What makes it so special – and I’m not just talking about the folks from San Antonio and Austin who love to make Fredericksburg a weekend getaway – is that it is one of the fastest growing wine destinations in the country. And it has art...

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Door County Fish Boil for Tradition and Taste

Door County, Wisconsin is a pastoral peninsula with Prussian blue waters and verdant woodlands that seem to envelop your spirit and surround your soul. Peace and tranquility are its byproducts, with only the lapping of waves and sounds of seagulls interjecting their refrain. In between the forests and lakes are numerous orchards of Door County’s famous cherry and apple trees — just begging to be picked at their ripeness. With its 298 miles of shoreline, the peninsula can be strangely reminiscent of New England; nevertheless, the county has its own traditions, largely emanating from a Scandinavian heritage, that make Door...

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Chicago: Tapas for Two

Whenever I feel in need of an engaging chat with friends, I always think of tapas as a way of promoting the great art of conversation. Maybe it’s because you don’t have to worry about getting messy fingers, smearing sauce on your chin, or gracefully cutting a thick steak and then chewing it relentlessly. Since tapas is the fine art of serving small dishes, both hot and cold, it is easy to munch and dine while engaging in light-hearted or even serious conversation. Best of all, portions are usually bite-size, so all the cutting has been done for you....

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