There are so many creative things happening all around the world. Here are some of the interesting people we’ve covered in Luxe Beat Magazine, doing interesting things.

1. Homespun Design by Joe Noonan

“Homespun Design is not limited to one style of furniture. Styles range from mid-century, cottage, industrial, reclaimed to traditional. Because they create pieces that are geared towards the individual, there’s not any one piece that’s more popular than the rest.” -Sherrie Wilkolaski. Full article here…

Noah Alexander works on a piece at Goebel & Company

Noah Alexander works on a piece at Goebel & Company

2. Suki, Skincare Specialist

“I sought out the teachings of progressive chemists, because most traditional scientists flat out said what I was looking to achieve, formulating a pure plus high-powered botanically active cosmetic, could never be possible, much less as effective as a synthetic. I persevered and became a formulator myself.” -Maralyn D. Hill. Full article here…

Suki Skincare

Skincare Products

3. Sculpting by Michael Wilkinson

“Art has always moved my soul.  Whether it is the heroic grandeur of Michelangelo’s David, the love of a man for a woman as in Rodin’s The Eternal Idol, or the radiant world depicted in the sparkling drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright, art has always affirmed and fueled my deepest beliefs about the beauty of life.” -Linda Cordair. Full article here…

Dream Symmetries by Michael Wilkinson

Dream Symmetries by Michael Wilkinson

4. Flying Trapeze with Dr. Kathy Gruver

“This is the strongest and most fit I’ve ever been. And I find it to be a stress reliever, which is funny, because most people who think about it are completely stressed out by it. But there is something so powerful about relinquishing personal control, listening to your calls and being safely swept up by someone who’s there fully to protect and support you.” -Dr. Kathy Gruver. Full article here…

Trapeze Art Kathy Gruver

Trapeze with Kathy Gruver

5. Glam Biking at Alisal Guest Ranch

“The Alisal offers a guided cycling package for two that includes a two-night stay in deluxe studio accommodations with breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Inside the room is a welcome basket with Alisal logo cycling jerseys and water bottles. Eric Larsen and his staff will guide guests on two rides per day.” -Jill Weinlein. Full article here…

Glam Biking Through Santa Ynez Valley

Glam Biking

What interesting things do you like to do? Comment below!