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Letter from the Editor

RELIABLE LUXURY is the focus of our March 2015 edition. Spring is just around the corner and this month we’re March 2015 Luxe Beat Magazine Covertaking a look at luxury from a practical, must-have point of view.

When I think about “reliable luxury” my mind wanders towards the everyday finer things in life that we sometimes overlook and then it shifts, and I think about what we should expect. Most recently, I tried out Farmbox Direct, an in-home delivery service that specializes in organic fruits and vegetables. One simple change in my weekly routine, and suddenly, I’m smitten. One less trip to the grocery store each week, and my shopping indecisiveness is at bay. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite tasks. This service has replaced one of my biggest weekly hurdles and I couldn’t be more pleased.

As we move into our second year of publication, we’re focused on improving our editorial position, and giving our readers more of what they want. Our travel and culinary sections of the magazine are solid, and we’re working towards more reliable coverage in the arts, literature, and philanthropy. The topics we feel round out Luxe Beat, in a way that our readers will can feel satisfied, as they move from one page to the next.

We’re working towards increasing our editorial content, and our market distribution. Our creative department, will be showcasing some new designs, and we’ll be ramping up our interactive experience, in the months to come.

It’s with great confidence I can tell you that the entire team at Luxe Beat Magazine, has our readers in mind. We’re committed to providing the highest quality, luxury magazine experience, around.

Please continue to join us, each and every month, as we reveal the best that the world of luxury has to offer.

Congratulations to Luxe Beat Magazine contributor Tiffany Thornton for her collaboration on the new National Geographic Book, JOURNEYS HOME: Inspiring Stories, Plus Tips & Strategies to Find Your Family History. “The book opens with a personal journey to Ireland as recounted by featured author, actor, television director and award-winning travel writer Andrew McCarthy.” We’ll be featuring an excerpt from the book in the April issue.

Let luxury always be yours.

Sherrie Wilkolaski