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Superbloom in Palm Springs Aims to Color Your World

Superbloom in Palm Springs Aims to Color Your World

Donna Summers “I Feel Love” pulsates softly through the Superbloom studio as a visitor cranes his neck to gather in what he is seeing and feeling. There’s color everywhere you look, right down to the custom painted Converse tennis shoes worn by owners Chris Ramirez and Alexis Palomino.

The two transplanted New Yorkers found their way to Palm Springs, CA, after a friend-turned-mentor had a dream that said the Coachella Valley is where they should be. Ramirez and Palomino were looking to recharge after near exhaustion from their careers in technology and fashion. The connection and energy their new hometown provided would lay the foundation for their “Paint with Meaning” business.

“Our friends thought we were crazy when we said back in 2019 that we’d build a business based on color. That was five years ago, and we’re happy to say that our passion for what we do, our product line, and international clientele are all on the upswing,” Creative Director Palomino said.

10 True Colors

Superbloom is anything but a conventional business. Even though Ramirez and Palomino will tell you their company is an Internet brand, the partner’s website makes visitor jump through a hoop before getting in.

When questioned why they would throw up a roadblock to viewing their product line or finding out more about the company, Ramirez and Palomino smile in unison. “We’re building a community. We’ve discovered amazing insights about our clientele by having them take their time and answer a simple color-based prompt,” Ramirez said.

Newcomers to Superbloom are asked which of 10 specific colors is their favorite or speaks to him or her the most. When the visitor elaborates on the choice they’ve made, that’s when the magic happens. Superbloom community members offer some thought provoking anecdotes and reflections regarding their color choice. From that point on, Superbloom’s product line of hats, shoes, apparel, paintings, furniture, bicycles, and member experiences take you on a color joyride.

A Hat is a Turning Point

Ramirez brings out a decades-old hat block and explains to the visitor that this is where it all began for Superbloom, The couple learned the art of hat making when their business first began. Palomino came up with a line of hats she calls Sombra Del Sol, and their first customer was drawn to a hat that was for a niece who was battling cancer.

Palomino told the couple that the sunset blush exterior color of the hat stood for “Optimistic,” and the lilac color on the hat’s inside meant “self-loving.” The couple felt this was the perfect gift for the young girl as she went through chemo.

“This was the moment when Chris and I felt our business and work had meaning,” Palomino said as her eyes moistened. With that hat, Superbloom was born.

The World Turns to Superbloom

The company’s first Palm Springs workspace was in a warehouse that consisted of a media lab, two painting rooms, a recording studio, and a lounge with big hangar doors. In 2021 they moved to their present 1200-foot studio that they lease from a company that makes their line of custom paints. The business’ exterior is known for the multi-colored bicycle rack that is perched on the sidewalk at their front entry. Conversation pieces are everywhere you look in Superbloom.

The company website and social media platform is now home to a community that spans the globe to include Australia, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the United Kingdom. “Every year we discover that we all have a lot more in common than we are different,” Palomino said.

In addition to their in-studio customers, Ramirez and Palomino take their show on the road in Palm Springs and across the globe. “We’ve had paint experiences at the Palm Springs Air Museum, we’ve painted a fountain located downtown, and Visit Greater Palm Springs took us along as Arts & Culture ambassadors to Ireland, Scotland, and England.”

A Passion to Paint

The Superbloom Instagram page literally pops with color. Cowboy boots, chairs, hats, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets, blazers, roller skates, cell phone exteriors, and in-studio painting sessions are all on display. Is there anything missing from the Superbloom portfolio? “We really want to paint a car,” Ramirez said with an ear-to-ear grin.

How is it that the Superbloom community has experienced such exponential growth over its youthful five years of existence? “We’ve spent zero dollars on advertising. Our business all comes from referrals, word of mouth, and our website,” Palomino said.

Looking back, was making the move from their technology and fashion careers in New York City a good thing? “After five years, we still feel like we’re just getting started. We’ve met some amazing people. Working with color is what we love. Paint with Meaning is definitely our passion project,” Palomino said. 

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