by Chef Hervé Laurent

City You Can Eat River Photo: SCARTS

City You Can Eat River Photo: SCARTS

Earlier this year, Marc Bretillot, famous French designer, presented in Central America a piece of art called, “A city that you can eat.”

The School of Culinary Arts, Central America (SCARTS) and its students collaborated with Guest Chef, Georges Riveiro, of the University of Art and Design, Reims, Champagne, France and French Master Chef Hervé Laurent, owner of School of Culinary Arts Central America. As a result, this event was presented to the public at the hotel Crown Plaza, San Salvador, Central America.

Two days were necessary to prepare everything at the school and then transport to the hotel for setup and serving. Food had to be promptly from the table.  Meat, vegetables and dessert were showcased as fine architecture and buildings. Sauce flowed like a river and flavors were outstanding.

In addition to working with well-known chefs to bring a piece of art to life, students of SCARTS also experienced working under pressure. The selected guests included Ambassadors of all countries. Local press and TV covered the event. Gingerbread houses and villages have always been popular. Today, taking food further to portray art is a trend coming to life.

City You Can Eat Students and  Chefs Photo: SCARTS

City You Can Eat Students and Chefs Photo: SCARTS



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