Asia is home to the most beautiful landscapes, islands, forests, and seas. If you are looking for a nature-based vacation, choosing a destination in Asia will be greatly rewarding. Taking some time away from busy city life and getting in tune with nature outside is great for everyone to experience.

Asia has the most breathtaking art created by nature. From Japan to India, there are countless locations that will embody the beauty that we all dream of. Tropics to mountainous landscapes, there are many countries in Asia that are homes to the most extravagant nature spots in the world. Take a trip to these destinations to satisfy your nature vacation needs.

Borneo, Malaysia

One of the most underrated nature destinations is Borneo of Malaysia. Here there are countless rainforest and wildlife that will make you appreciate the earth twice as much. When you take a trip to Borneo you will immediately feel the well-balanced climate, that creates the great home for vegetation and indigenous animals.

Borneo, Malaysia

Here you will create some of the most memorable experiences with nature and all the things it has to offer. Take a tour in Borneo or book a lodge at a resort to make your trip even more eventful and surrounded by nature. A drive through the forest or even a hike will grant you the chance to see the unusual animals and insects of Malaysia.

The animals you can catch sight of in the jungles of Borneo are:

  • Sun bears
  • Orangutans
  • Sumatran Rhinoceros
  • Malayan Horned Toads
  • Borneo Bay Cats
  • Clouded Leopards
  • Mouse Deers

Northern Bali, Indonesia

Bali is considered one of the top luxury vacation destinations today and is on everyone’s bucket list. Also known as the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali has many locations that are similar in the scenery. From purification ceremonies to specialized medicine, Bali offers many natural healing activities. If you take a trip up north to where the surrounding are widely different, you will not regret it.

There are fewer people so that means less traffic and more secluded time to yourself and your group. Take a tour of the nearby temples and visit the beautiful waterfalls. If you enjoy animal life, try taking a boat ride tour to see the dolphins. If you enjoy hot springs venture a little way to enjoy the Banjar Hot Springs. With a number of resorts available in this location, you will experience luxury on a new level while enjoying the nature around you.

Taman Negara, Malaysia

The Taman Negara National Park is where many nature-lovers enjoy going to take some time away from their busy lives. It is the most enchanting and oldest rainforest in the world and holds a dense and humid climate. This makes it comfortable for the wildlife living within the forests.

Taman Negara National Park

This forest is the habitat to many interesting animals including the Malayan tiger and the Sumatran rhinoceros. You can also see the Gaur or the Indian bison, Malayan Tapir, and the sun bear when you venture out into the forests.

Though Taman Negara has many outdoor activities that you can partake in, the most popular one is the canopy walk. Many tourists find this to be the favorite part as they walk on the eco-style bridge that is 45 meters from the ground. You can take safari tours and go white water rafting at this location.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

An ancient destination is always good for those seeking a natural vacation. In the mountains, you will find amazing wildlife and indigenous tribes and villages. You can immerse yourself into a new culture here while exploring those who live in Thailand. The resorts in the location offer you the greatest views of Thailand and are known to be nature focused and culturally specific.

Enjoy the great local food as you continue to explore the nature and heritage of the Thai people. The pleasant atmosphere gives you the most relaxing and earthy feel. There isn’t much city life or nightlife here so if you want to escape everything that has to do with people and want to only focus on nature, take a vacation to Chiang Rai.

Mount Pulag, Phillippines

Mount Pulag is the Philippines’ highest peaks and is a great destination for those seeking a vacation that surrounds them with many aspects of nature. You will gain exceptional experience outdoors here without having to do much work.

Mount Pulag, Phillippines

If you want to be active outdoors there are activities that this destination offers to get you emerged in nature. Take a hike through the mountain and you’ll experience the nothing more natural than green grasses and pines. The climate is cool and will get cooler as you get higher up the mountain.

Mount Everest, Nepal

We’ve all heard about Mount Everest and it is probably one of the first destinations nature-lovers think of when wanting to go on an outdoor vacation. It is Nepal’s pride and joy and one of the top destinations for nature in Asia. With it being the highest mountain on Earth, there are many tourist and crowds of people year-round.

People choose this location for primarily hiking and camping and are usually excited that they did once they receive the most memorable experiences and views of their lifetimes. Ride horse sleighs or go skiing in this extremely cold climate. Or take a visit to the Nepalese villages and enjoy learning a new culture and heritage.

Krabi Province, Thailand

If you’re looking for a destination that you can relax looking out at the sea or get a panoramic view standing on the edge of a cliff, choosing the Krabi Province as your destination is ideal. Nature lovers will appreciate the natural beauty this destination has to offer.

Krabi Province, Thailand

Many people choose this destination to go diving into the waters and primarily for sightseeing, but there are more things that this location offers. Go rock-climbing and see if you can get to the top or go trekking with the elephants and witness nature while being surrounded by its wildlife. It is also home to many eco-friendly hotels that are snug and warm after you spend time wandering outdoors.