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Betting On Luxury

Photography by Dale Sanders The stakes were high. It had never been done before. And the odds didn’t look good. But this was one gamble Dino Dounoulis was willing to take.   He had a lot riding on this venture, and nothing – not even the naysayers — would deter his vision. As the General Manager of Bungalow Lounge and Restaurant, located along the main drag of Atlantic City’s burgeoning boardwalk, Dounoulis saw an untapped potential in expanding this mighty city to new heights. And it would start with bringing his popular restaurant across the boardwalk and onto the beach,...

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Art of the Matter

Can you hear it?  That certain hum? It’s on the streets of one particular bohemian city just outside Orlando.  It’s a beat so distinct it permeates the very core of your soul.  And on any given day that’s precisely what you’ll encounter.  That rhythm.  A kind of impromptu melody, that sings within the hearts of visitors and locals alike.  Though it’s not audible to most, it’s there.  It is.  Look closely and you’ll see it for yourself, in the syncopated footsteps, overt skips, and even the over-zealously playful nature of the people strolling down an avenue called Park in...

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Naples Luxe Life

Impeccable service.  Attention to detail.  A sense of passion.  The heart and soul of any successful destination depends on this trifecta coming together, in just the right way, to create a certain synergy.  Mix the ingredients correctly and you’re bound to yield a legion of adoring fans willing to sing your praises to nearly everyone they know. Miss one step, and your fan base evaporates into the lonely night along with your reputation. This is the story about a city called Naples, in Southwest Florida. A story about a place that values visitors so much, that the people in...

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Grande Slam – Luxury Offerings Meet Old-World Charm at Florida’s Secret Island Retreat

Photography by Dale Sanders No traffic lights.  No franchises.  Not one high rise as far as the eye can see.  Perfectly manicured streets.  Lush greenery, quiet gardens, and pretty ponds with wrought iron benches that beg you to take a load off and daydream about nature for a while.  Flowers of nearly every color proudly blooming for all to see — spilling out over stunning straw baskets. And in the midst of it all, a magnificent piece of history that just had a big birthday. Think you’ve died and gone to heaven?  You may be right.  It’s one of...

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Dripping in Luxury – Sarasota Resorts Offer a Taste of the Good Life

Photography by Dale Sanders Is this a dream?  I would pinch myself to find out but at the moment my hands are a little busy floating in the shallow end of one of the most magnificent bodies of water I’ve ever dipped in.  No, it’s not the beach, or even one of those fancy showers with ten thousand jets.  This, friends, is the mac daddy of architectural feats in terms of pools.  A subtle, soft, sand-like entrance that envelops my soul and tempts me to linger in the shallow end way longer than I thought I’d be there.  And,...

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