Jia Li Designs for the Woman Going Places

  Women’s clothing designer, Jia Li, has taken the utilitarian look out of multifunctional clothing and made it ultra chic. Jia Collection features an array of tops, dresses, jackets and coats, all of which can be worn at least two different ways. Classic shapes combined with innovative design are trademarks of Jia Collection I first discovered Jia last spring and have since worn her pieces from the beaches of Maui to the mountains of Switzerland. Amazed by the craftsmanship, design and versatility of Jia Collection, I sat down with the designer for a look inside of her line for...

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Divine ModesTee Simply Ideal

Divine ModesTee simply ideal for me. I field many inquiries for various products. One recently came in that I passed on to our fashion editor. However, when Divine ModesTee crossed my screen, I was intrigued. No longer in the “sweet young woman” category, nor rail thin, these suits looked flattering and perfect. Most women, no matter their age, want to look stylish and comfortable. As Johnny Mercer said, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with mister in between.” This swimwear has over fifty-five mix and match designs. Now, the test was to determine if they were...

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