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Featured Contributor Sonja Hegman

This month we are featuring technology journalist, Sonja Hegman. She writes for media outlets such as MediaBistro and The Motley Fool. She has an unforgettable style about her and she is someone you might think should have been in the audience at an Elvis concert, his early years. Her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and she enjoys Sangria on Friday afternoons at her home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her cat Fitz can be found curled up in her lap as she writes about Twitter, Facebook and the latest in technology news. She brings a fresh and modern style to...

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Technology: What It Really Means To Be Connected

I’ve always had a thing for technology. Sometimes it’s a love/hate thing, but a “thing” nonetheless. I used to dream of the day I’d fit a computer in my pocket, but thought I’d be much older and much grayer when it happened. It took spending some time in my hometown a few months ago to realize that “being connected” doesn’t always include WiFi. Sheldon, Wisconsin, is not what one would call a metropolis. When I was a kid, it was a little more bustling than now, but not much. We had a corner store, actually called “The Corner Store,”...

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The Triton, Micronautix’s Luxury Aircraft Masterpiece

Say Goodbye to First Class and Hello to Panoramic Views and Stellar Accommodations During the golden age of commercial flight in the 1960’s, airline travel was a luxury in itself. Surrounded by beautiful blonde waitresses, well-off clientele dressed professionally and enjoyed top-shelf drinks, plus an experience not offered elsewhere. However, the 2000s have been cruel to the extravagance of commercial airline travel. Instead, we are shoved into sardine-sized cabins next to strangers in sweatpants, our elbows banged by passing carts serving tap water. With the unveiling of the Triton, a luxury aircraft concept designed by Micronautix, a Templeton, California-based...

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Tel Aviv’s Influence on Swayy Founders

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that content has become paramount in the race for being noticed online. While social media is still important, it is shifting, even maturing. It’s not just for humorous quips anymore. Looking for the content to fill your social media channels can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the time to create it yourself. That’s where Swayy comes in. Longtime friends Ohad Frankfurt, Swayy’s CEO, and Lior Degani, VP of Marketing, created Swayy with Oz Katz, chief technology officer, and Shlomi Babluki, chief scientist, all former...

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Book Fairs Are the Independent Film Festivals of Publishing

By Sherrie Wilkolaski The Cannes Film Festival is world-renown to both the film industry and indie film buffs. Held in Cannes, France every year since 1946, it is the most glamorous invitation-only, film festival one could hope to attend. It is for film professionals and press only. Film festivals are to the silver screen as book fairs are to publishing. The crème de la crème events that drive what audiences will be watching and reading in the months and years to come. So why is it that independent authors are out of touch with the stature that a book...

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