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Cocktails for summer on the go!

Cocktails for summer on the go!

Summer is here and it’s time to get out and have some fun! Whether you are sitting poolside, sunning at the beach or just chilling at a backyard BBQ…canned cocktails (and wine) or a new boxed organic cocktail brand are making it fun and easy to enjoy! We’ve pulled together a list of our some of our favorites. If you’re not a drinker…check out the mocktails option.


On Y VA is premium French wine in a can (oui, a can!) It one of our favs as a refreshing accompaniment to a cheese and charcuterie summer picnic. I interviewed the husband and wife team behind this chic portable wine, Alex and Julie Milligan, when they were launching their business. You can read the interview here. If sauvignon blanc is what you crave…ON Y VA is your new summer wine that travels! No corkscrew required. 

ON Y VA canned wine

Long Drink

As the hotter days and longer nights approach, so does spiked seltzer season. We have all learned to love the sweet sparkling drinks that are lighter than a beer and are highly drinkable (from day to night). But, have you ever woken up the next morning after enjoying a cooler of hard seltzers with a headache and lingering taste in your mouth? It’s time to move over, spiked seltzer… Long Drink is the new drink of summer. 

The beverage is not just another RTD canned cocktail or spiked seltzer, it’s an ode to a legendary Finnish drink with a subtle and natural, yet refreshing kick that has quickly become a cult favorite amongst top celebrities and tastemakers – including co-founders Miles Teller, DJ Kygo and Professional Golfer Rickie Fowler. 

Long Drink copyright 2021 Sherrie Wilkolaski

Key differentiators include: 
  • Long Drink has no trace of malt liquor, it is made with premium Gin. 
  • Instead of sweet artificial flavors, Long Drink keeps it traditional with a citrus flavor that is not overwhelming, but refreshing. 
  • Long Drink has something for everyone – with Traditional & Cranberry flavors clocking in at 5.5% ABV, Long Drink Zero has no sugar or carbs at 5% ABV and 90 calories (Keto-friendly!). For those looking for an extra kick, the Strong flavor has 8.5% ABV without the heavy taste and mouth-feel of  a beer. 
  • Long Drink is sold across the US (find a local retailer HERE) and is easily available via Drizly and ($11.99 – $16.99). 

Spa Girl Cocktails

Spa Girl Cocktails, the premium ready-to-drink canned vodka cocktail brand. Opt out of serving your guests the same old predictable cheap beer and hard-seltzers you usually drink at every summer soiree and offer up one of these convenient cocktails instead! With their high-proof and low cal, carb, and sugar count, the Spa Girl Cocktails collection is just the thing your friends and family need to get the party started! 

Known as the little can that packs a punch, you can sip and share their all-natural flavor assortments of Strawberry, Peach, Cucumber, Pineapple, Pear and Soda with party-goers alike. The quintessential boozy beverage for any 4th of July celebration, the Spa Girl collection of high-proof cocktails give you the perfect buzz. Plus, each can contains two cocktails, under 100 calories, so you can drink less, to enjoy more. Whether your 4th of July plans include a long weekend getaway, a festive outdoor gathering, or a patriotic BBQ at the beach, the party starts with Spa Girl Cocktails. Find a retailer near you here

Spa Girl Cocktails

Drake’s Organic Boxtails

Boxtails are pre-mixed organic craft cocktails featuring Drake’s ultra-premium organic certified vodka and rum.  Offered in Watermelon Tini, Mango Punch, Mojito and Black Cherry Limeade, Drake’s Organic Boxtails provide a quick and easy way to enjoy delicious organic cocktails with less waste than canned seltzers.  Boxtails are Certified USDA Organic Gluten Free®, Non-GMO, vegan and kosher. Each box contains 1.75 liters of pre-mixed organic cocktails with 12% alcohol similar to a standard mixed cocktailImage

Drakes Boxtails

“Top liquor retailers across the country are adding Boxtails to their shelves because their customers want the convenience and great taste that Boxtails offer,” said Drake’s Founder/CEO Mark Anderson.  “Boxtails are easy to pour, easy to store and made with only the best sustainably farmed organic ingredients.  Like all Drake’s Organic Spirits products, Boxtails contain no unnecessary chemicals, pesticides or artificial colors.”

Drake’s Organic Spirits can be found in 33 states as well as Japan, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.   A complete list of locations offering Drake’s Organic Spirits products can be found at

Mingle Mocktails

For those designated drivers and non-alcohol drinking folk, Mingle Mocktails is a booze-free and low calorie drink, first introduced as bottles in 2017, by PA native and former software executive, Laura Taylor. The new release includes best-selling flavors like Cranberry Cosmo, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa and Cucumber Melon Mojito.
MIngle mocktails in a can
Taylor aimed to create a healthy and tasty alternative to cocktails and seltzer, and established the assortment of flavorful beverages for those pursing a mindful and sober lifestyle. The vegan and gluten free beverage is made with natural botanicals and only contains 60 calories, making it the go-to drink for health conscious and mocktail enthusiasts alike!
Mingle Mocktails cans are available for purchase in a single flavor 4-pack and 4-flavor variety pack (pack of 16) on the website, and Taylor has sights to increase distribution in large retailers. The bottles are currently sold on Amazon, in Whole Foods and regional supermarkets throughout the U.S. 
Enjoy the summer…cheers!
Please drink responsibly. 
Feature image copyright © 2021 Sherrie Wilkolaski. Beach bag provided by Sea Bags and sunglasses by Eagle Eyes.

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