Luggage ForwardHopefully, you’re not the last to hear about Luggage Forward  — a forwarding service that ships your luggage worldwide before, during or even after your trip. I heard about the service some time ago, but didn’t initially understand the value of it. I kept thinking: I could just take my suitcase with me on the plane, so why ship it?

That was the old me. The new me finally saw the light! I recently took a trip around the world and my luggage undoubtedly kept growing and growing with each new country I visited. Facing stiff fees from the European airlines I was traveling on for excess and overweight baggage, I had the bright idea to ship some items home. Who knew it would be so difficult to locate shipping supplies and a post office in a foreign country? When my initial plan didn’t work, I remembered Luggage Forward and I’m so glad I did.

Shipping luggage ahead to your destination creates a true luxury travel experience. Luggage Forward can send luggage to your hotel, cruise ship, golf course, vacation home or any other destination worldwide. Or in my case, I was able to make arrangements while I was still traveling, which allowed me to lighten my load. Sending luggage also allows you to save time at the airport by avoiding the long check-in lines and skipping the wait at baggage claim.

Luggage Forward

They offer a streamlined online booking process or, if you prefer, you can call them up. When I contacted them, I used the online system and their booking agent wasted no time setting up my international shipping. She sent the custom forms via email, told me a pick up date and guaranteed delivery date. Within a half hour, everything was completely set up and scheduled. I was pressed for time and leaving the country in a few short hours. I packed my luggage, attached the required documents the booking agent had sent me and left my luggage with the hotel concierge.

I admittedly felt strange leaving my belongings behind, but I was confident that the wheels of the process would work efficiently and without a hitch. They did. I received an email when my luggage was picked up from the hotel in Iceland and another when it was delivered to my destination (which happened to be the doorstep of my house). Traditionally the service was set up to send luggage ahead so that it would be waiting for you when you arrive, but I loved the flexibility of the service and the ability to use the service how it work best for me. That in itself was my kind of luxury.

Visit to learn more about pricing and scheduling your luggage forward for your next destination!

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