When looking for home remodels, one of the problems many homeowners run into is installing a new toilet. A common area where people look to add another bathroom is the basement, which brings its own problems.

This is because in many instances, your basement may lack a drain line near where you want the toilet installed. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem if you absolutely need a toilet for your basement: install an upflush toilet.

What is An Upflush Toilet?

Like the name suggests, upflush toilets flush waste up through a drainage pipe for the upflush toilet, rather than down through a drainage pipeline. In addition, upflush toilets feature a macerator with rotating blades that grinds waste into an easy-to-flush consistency before sending it out the drainage pipe. The tank for the macerator is discreetly placed behind the toilet in most cases so that it won’t be an obstruction.

What are the Benefits of Upflush Toilets?

Because upflush toilets don’t require an accessible drain line, they can be added anywhere without tearing up part of your home. This makes them great as temporary toilets for any situation, as they can be installed quickly and easily.

What Makes the Installation So Easy?

Installing an upflush toilet, planned or unplanned, is easy thanks to the fact that you won’t need to hire somebody to rip up part of your basement to install a new drainage pipe. In addition, the actual process of installation is easy, and can be done on your own. Installing an upflush toilet is just a matter of placing the toilet correctly, setting up the water pipe and the macerator power cord, and setting up the discharge hose, which takes waste up from your basement to combine with the main drainage line and your home’s other waste.

What’s the Cost Difference?

In terms of the toilet itself, upflush toilets are a bit more expensive than standard toilets. However, despite that, upflush toilets often end up being a much cheaper option for unplanned bathrooms. This is because to install a new standard toilet, drainage pipes must be connected to the new unit, and this renovation can end up costing much more than the price of an upflush toilet.

For these reasons and more, upflush toilets are an ideal choice for installing a new toilet in your basement quickly and easily. Because they don’t require standard drainage pipelines, upflush toilets can be installed much faster, and don’t need to be planned out ahead of time.

Thanks to the lack of renovation required, it also ends up being a cheaper installation more often than not. Next time you need a new toilet installed quickly, especially in an isolated area of your house such as the basement, choose an upflush toilet model.