I’ve never claimed to be a fashionista. In fact, I know very little about fashion, and don’t really care about trends or what’s in and what’s out. I usually dress for comfort and what makes me feel good. However, one thing is very clear…I know what I like and what I don’t like. When I ran across Exallo, I stopped in my tracks!

Exallo, meaning “wood in different ways” in Greek, is home to the sexiest little hand-carved bow ties you’ll ever need in your arsenal of accessories. The concept is the brainchild of brothers Leonidas and Harry Souras, who hail from the foothills of Mount Olympus in Greece. After they graduated from university (Leonidas with a degree in Interior Design and Harry with a degree in Mathematics), there was a natural regression to their roots. They come from a long line of wood workers, so the art of working with wooden textiles comes as second nature for them both.

The brothers say, “The Exallo product and production process combines technology and design, with excellent skills in crafts, in order to provide customers a timeless piece of art. Each stage of production, from design, processing of materials, and up to the final touch, is handcrafted in our own laboratory. Nature inspires us and we turn our textiles into unique aesthetic creations.” Another added bonus worth mentioning is their ability to reduce waste by reusing the useless dead Mediterranean wood from old furniture. They re-purpose, recycle, and recreate a high-end product; it’s hard to believe the end-result had such humble beginnings.


Each Exallo product enables anyone wishing to acquire an attractive, gorgeous, handmade creation, unique by its nature, an opportunity to shop online from a wide variety of selections. Each bow tie is paired with a classic piece of fabric to complete the perfect fine finish to suit an elegant clientele.

When I received the wooden bow tie in the mail, I immediately noticed the handsome packaging and the aromatics of the freshly carved piece. The package also included a protective cloth pouch to prevent dust and other undesirable elements from damaging the bow tie, and a round silver tin of scented polishing wax.

What I liked most about Exallo is the glossy, refined finish, and versatility. It just has that look that you want to touch, want to handle, want to know how it feels. Wood isn’t typically transformed to be so different, yet still solidly innate. They look great in a formal setting for a nice dinner, or even as part of a bridal party. If a more casual look is in order, you can feel free to accessorize the wooden bow tie with nice fitted jeans and a long sleeve button-down. It’s a great personal purchase, but would make a wonderful gift for the special guy in your life. Both big and small, as Exallo products now come in adult and children sizes.


Learn more about Exallo on http://www.exallo.gr.