Luxe Beat Magazine’s Assistant Production Editor Kaitlyn Phillips has always aspired to be a writer. Her fondness for literature is just one reflection of that desire. “If words are involved, I tend to love it.” Kaitlyn said. As a senior studying English at Lee University in Tennessee, Kaitlyn is a member of the English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta. She’s also been a staff member for Lee University’s annually produced literature and art journal, Lee Review, since 2013. Among other responsibilities for the Lee Review, Kaitlyn is working on the judging board, proofreading, and editing; she has also contributed a few short stories for the journal. Even with a full schedule of studies and extracurricular activities, Kaitlyn has been putting her fervor for publication to work at Luxe Beat Magazine since 2014. A lot of her time is spent researching and organizing articles for publication with Luxe Beat Magazine, creating content for the website and interviewing authors.

Kaitlyn Phillips

Kaitlyn Phillips

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Kaitlyn defied convention when it came to her taste in music, preferring punk rock, 80s, alternative, and instrumental – as opposed to the popularity of country and folk that “Music City” is known for. “As long as it’s not country or opera, I’ll enjoy it!” said Kaitlyn. Nashville has a lot to offer those who don’t conform to outside impressions, however. Kaitlyn’s favorite locations include the Parthenon and the downtown Art District, which features dozens of galleries that offer everything from contemporary to performance art. Although Kaitlyn calls Nashville home, she prefers the vibe of Chattanooga, where she attends college. Kaitlyn said, “I like that Chattanooga is artsy and indie.”

My friend Becca and I posing with storyteller John-John Grant

Kaitlyn Phillips (right) with friend Becca (left) with with storyteller John-John Grant (middle) in Cherokee, NC

In addition to music, Kaitlyn has a passion for photography that she’s further developing in a class at Lee University. Those talents are put to good use when she travels, a preferred pastime. During a trip with her boyfriend to Panama City, they wandered into an artsy little store, Kaitlyn recalls. “The owner told us about this movement where a writer wrote a short story, and instead of publishing it, posted it on a wall in the store. All of the words were in alphabetical order, so we had no idea what the story was. However, if you bought a word for $25, they would tattoo that word anywhere you wanted, and you became a part of a living, moving story. So, of course we both got tattoos!” The word that Kaitlyn chose is fiery to wrap around her ankle like an anklet, and her boyfriend chose the word muster. Kaitlyn said, “I’d love to get more some day, perhaps add ‘charms’ to my anklet of all of my favorite things.”

Behind the Screen

A few more interesting and little-known facts about Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn’s ideal superpower – telepathy

Favorite drink – iced coffee with hazelnut syrup

Last book read – Sophie’s Choice

Favorite pastimes – reading, journaling and writing articles

Bucket List – visit every state in the USA

Ideal travel locations – Italy, Ireland, England, New Zealand and Greece

Ultimate goals – to be a published author and write travel pieces

Fiction or nonfiction – “I definitely prefer fiction, though I do draw from real life experiences.”

Favorite holiday – “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up in costume, so fun!”

Currently writing – a novella for one of her senior classes at Lee University