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Getting to Know Luxe Beat Magazine’s Kaitlyn Phillips

Luxe Beat Magazine’s Assistant Production Editor Kaitlyn Phillips has always aspired to be a writer. Her fondness for literature is just one reflection of that desire. “If words are involved, I tend to love it.” Kaitlyn said. As a senior studying English at Lee University in Tennessee, Kaitlyn is a member of the English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta. She’s also been a staff member for Lee University’s annually produced literature and art journal, Lee Review, since 2013. Among other responsibilities for the Lee Review, Kaitlyn is working on the judging board, proofreading, and editing; she has also contributed...

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Debbie Stone Travel Writer and Columnist

This month we are featuring Debbie Stone, whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, ranging from newspapers and magazines to travel-related websites. Additionally, she has served as a travel specialist for the NPR-affiliated, talk radio show, “2 Boomer Babes,” as well as for local T.V. stations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She also writes a monthly travel column for Luxe Beat Magazine called Put a Pin in it! Debbie came to travel writing after working in a number of different careers: as a play and dance therapist, an ESL teacher (both in the U.S. and abroad), an airline sales and...

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Luxe Beat Exclusive: Interview with “Cigar Czar” Richard Carleton Hacker

If  there is one person who knows a lot about cigars and cigarettes, it’s Richard Carleton Hacker. Known as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subjects of cigars and cigar smoking, he was given the nickname “the cigar czar” by several media outlets. He has written more than five hundred articles on the topic for publications such as The Robb Report, RobbVices, Collection Magazine, The Tasting Panel, Somm Journal and In 1994, he was knighted by the Internationales Tabakskoliegium in Germany for his numerous writings on the subject of tobacco. His book, The Ultimate Cigar Book...

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Michael Cervin, Featured Journalist

Michael Cervin and I met in 2009 while attending a conference. We have since been on several press trips and conferences and have served together on a board. So, interviewing Michael is more like interviewing a longtime business friend than a new acquaintance. He’s an accomplished author and wine writer, diligent about getting his thoughts down while they are fresh, working out, and having fun. Maralyn: How did you discover your love of wine, which led to travel? Michael: Curiously, I discovered my love of wine when I moved to Santa Barbara and ended up working weekends at a...

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Travels of Wayward Wanderer Jenna Intersimone

People travel for different reasons. Personally, I feel travel is is more than a geographical exploration, it is an opportunity to uncover more about who you are as an individual, and a chance to grow. With every journey I discover a new interest, or reach a place in my mind that was previously untapped. My thoughts go to how travel can create a personal transformation, because over the last year, we’ve seen Luxe Beat Magazine contributor, Jenna Intersimone, blossom as a writer. She has been open to editorial changes and committed to listening to advice. As you move from...

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Global Nomad – Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

Originally, I met Inka Piegsa-Quischotte several years ago online, when she approached me to review one of her novels, Sweet Revenge. It was so well written with plot and subplots intertwined and resolutions, I was intrigued and delighted by this writer. We since have become good global friends. In fact, I keep another of her books, House Husbands, in my nightstand for light relaxing reading when I need to clear my head. Inka’s view of the world and nomadic spirit has always sparked my interest, so I was delighted when she joined our team of Luxe Beat contributors. MDH: Inka,...

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Romantic Realist Linda Cordair

Linda Cordair and I first met because of Quent Cordair Fine Art. My husband, Norm, had collected quite a bit of fine art before we were married. When the time came that we were willing to part with one piece and have it auctioned to benefit an organization, we took it to Quent Cordair. At the time, we did not realize that Linda was a specialist in Cappuletti’s art. Since then, we have kept up with each other, discussing art we have and artists they represent. When Luxe Beat Magazine was looking for someone to write articles on art,...

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The Story Behind Luxury Magazine Designer Benjamin Bennett

Travel can take you places you never dreamed of, and it can bring people into your lives that end up being a part of your daily life, once the excursion is over. While on a foodie trip in Burgundy, France, I met such a person, Benjamin Bennett. We were staying at La Ferm de la Lochere, owned by chef Katherine Frelon. She hosts culinary holidays and we were two of the journalists on this particular trip. We had the occasion to talk about each of the publications we were writing for, and I learned that he was more than...

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The Cooking Ladies A Dynamic Duo

Have you ever thought what it would be like to travel the world and see it all from behind the wheel of an RV? It can be done, and done in style. In February 2012, I had the pleasure of being introduced to The Cooking Ladies, Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, while in Las Vegas, at an International Food, Wine and Travel Writers conference. I was there as a speaker and my presentation was on the subject of independent publishing, and was pleasantly surprised to meet two well-established authors, The Cooking Ladies. They are a dynamic writing and photography...

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Intern To Production Editor

Working with interns in this day and age can be a challenge. The mindset of many interns that I’ve had the experience working with over the last few years is more about how much time off they will have vs. asking for more opportunities to learn. A strong work ethic, in a fast-paced world of social media distractions, is rare. I was lucky to find Taylor Young just about a year ago and she has proved to be luxury find. It’s important to know people behind the face of any publication, and next month, we’ll be introducing you to...

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