By Dennies John

Constant fliers know the pain of going around without getting any actual sleep.

You may be sitting in a chair all the time, but the traveling part may be even more exhausting that walking around all day doing your job. Plus, there are those that can’t sleep if their life depended on it – so they’re stuck staring at the ceiling of a plane.

These are the cases when you could pretty much kill for a cup of coffee. But when you are flying with one of the world’s top 44 airlines, what kind of coffee will you get?

Do they all serve the same coffee, or are there different brands on each plane? Will it be a local brand, or will it be a well-known one?

To cure your coffee anxiety, here’s a summary of what you can get to soothe that tired mind of yours, along with an infographic that will offer you a visual idea as well.

Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around the World

Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around the World [Infographic] by the coffee experts at DrippedCoffee

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