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Tourist Hotspots: What Are China, USA And the UK’s Favourite Travel Destinations?

Canada averages 632 air-miles per person in yearly travel, higher than US and UK Mexico receives 35 million American tourists yearly, over a quarter of their own population Andorra most tourist-heavy nation, with 39 tourist visitors for every person A recent study estimated the global expenditure on tourism to be just short of $1.5 trillion, with cheap flights and rising economies broadening the horizons of many. Whether you’re venturing into unknown lands or returning to favoured holiday spots, tourism is an invaluable industry to so many countries. Get Going travel insurance have gone in-depth to look at the most travelled...

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Europe’s Best Food Adventure Holidays [Infographic]

Within the travel sector, the market of food adventure holidays is growing enormously. Many holidaymakers enjoy the combination of exploring picturesque regions while simultaneously sampling a gorgeous gamut of indigenous recipes. This infographic from Ireland Walk Hike Bike picks out a few of the best places in Europe for foodie lovers who also enjoy adventure holidays throughout the continent. Chief among these is Italy’s Prosecco Hills, with the area giving its name to the world-famous wine. The vineyards from where prosecco originates are located in beautiful hilly regions dotted around charming medieval villages, with multiple pre-existing routes for adventure...

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Revealed: 17 of the World’s Most Expensive Classic Cars Sold at Auction

As all car lovers know, purchasing a classic car is about much more than getting around in style. It’s owning a piece of motoring history – and getting to hear the sound of a vintage engine rumbling into life. But as well as being a piece of art, buying a vintage car can be a good investment.  Research has shown that classic cars are the best investment for returns, with as much as a 28 percent return over 12 months – and 467 percent over 10 years. Car buyers have, accordingly, been willing to put a lot of money behind...

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7 Crazy Myths About Liquor

Americans have indulged in their favorite cocktails since before we officially became a country. Even Prohibition didn’t stop partiers from enjoying alcohol. Over the years, enthusiasts have created some truly crazy cocktails. Dedicated mixologists shake and stir original concoctions using seaweed, eucalyptus and truffle oil. The history of some of your favorite liquors includes some crazy myths, too. Gin Drives You Insane Gin seems to have the worst reputation among the different spirits. People report that getting “gin drunk” makes them feel angry or mean, and even drives them to insanity. In truth, gin isn’t all that different from vodka....

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Wedding Cost

Modern weddings as we know it starkly resembles the white wedding theme that originated in 20th Century England. Queen Victoria was not only an empire builder but also a cultural trendsetter. Considering how her wedding (1840) shaped the world’s perception of traditional modern nuptials, the royal weddings that followed still garners a popular global audience.   This May 19, 2018, the American actress Meghan Markle will officially join the most important family in the United Kingdom as the wife of Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales. His wedding could never be as extravagant as that of his beloved parents’ $110...

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The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes

By Melissa Hardman When we think of wine, we may think of France, Italy or California, but did you know that wine originated in China? When we think of beer, we may think of Germany, the USA or Ireland, but would you have guessed that beer originated in Egypt? For tens of thousands of years, alcohol has been an important part of a region’s culture – used recreationally, medicinally and during religious ceremonies. Where and how alcohol originated depended on the natural resources in each country. The team at put together an Infographic: The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes which gives you...

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Global Travel Trends Report

Visa recently released its Global Travel Intentions report, a study that looks at motivators and behaviors of international travelers, as well as upcoming trends for 2018, and I wanted to share with you in case you’re working on any travel stories the data may be useful for, especially as people start thinking about the spring break travel plans. Some sample stats & trends: Trips are getting shorter: The global average is now eight nights, down from 10 nights on average in 2013. Technology is helping some travelers better navigate their destinations: 88 percent of travelers gained online access while abroad. Almost half...

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Bizarre Sleeping Habits of 61 Famous People

By Raj Vardhman The notion that we need eight hours of sleep per night has permeated the popular culture big time. I find this somewhat odd, as many of the pop culture truisms stem from the most popular people and their habits, but a quick look at the inforgraphic below reveals that many notorious people have had weird sleeping habits, to say the least. One thing to notice is that their strange sleeping patterns have not made them unproductive or unsuccessful. In fact, in many cases it seems that (at least parts of) their success and popularity might be...

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Super Bowl LII Infographic

by Felix Richter When Super Bowl LII is kicked off on Sunday, February 4, more than a hundred million Americans will be watching. Can Tom Brady carry his Patriots to yet another victory or will the Philadelphia Eagles finally get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy? As the following infographic nicely illustrates, it is not only the biggest game of the year, but also a, albeit unofficial, national holiday. Image courtesy of...

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A Lake District Winter Birdwatching Guide

Article and infographic republished with permission, originally published at We are lucky enough to have many birdwatchers stay with us at Craig Manor. So, this winter we decided to put together this guide to some of the best birdwatching spots in the Lake District. We start at Winderemere, which isn’t far from Craig Manor and is a great place to see birds all year round. Wintering Goldeneye join Great Crested Grebes and Red-Breasted Merganser’s on the lake. In fact, the number of waterfowl on Lake Windermere doubles over the winter. Dramatic Haweswater Nature Reserve is a fantastic place...

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Exclusive Bars Around the World

From rubbing shoulders with well-known faces to elite guest lists, we’ve recently researched into the world’s most exclusive bars and members clubs, illustrating what it takes to paint the town red like the rich and famous. Here are just a few to add to your bucket list! 5 Hertford Street – London, UK – So secret that even the membership cost isn’t revealed to the applicant, this West London spot is frequented by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney. Metropolitan Club – New York, USA – Opened by the famous banker JP Morgan, the membership costs a cool $5,000...

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Best Sports Films Of All Time

A graphic from shows that boxing films are a weight-class above productions about other sports when it comes to big earnings and strong reviews. Sports are about more than watching one team or player win or lose. Supporting competitors can be family traditions, places to find new friends, or even a life-defining event. So it’s only fitting that sports films are popular – they can carry with them a deep love of a sport. But which ones are the most genre-defining? Or which ones surpass the genre entirely? Newresearch from has found the sports films which had the highest...

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