You see celebs all the time on TV and social media. It’s very rare that you catch them on an “off day” where they’re not looking their best but they’re also human just like everyone else so you can rest assured in knowing that they didn’t always have their “celebrity look” and most of them still wouldn’t have their “celebrity look” without their glam squad. In fact, without their glam squad, they’d look just like everyday people!

The thing about celebrities is that they are constantly in front of the camera, so they always have to be “camera-ready,” meaning they need to look their best almost all the time. But did you know that aside from their glam squad, most celebrities have a self-care routine that they do which helps them maintain their natural beauty? Self-care is the foundation of achieving that “celebrity look” you so desire.

According to Mental Health America, self-care is not only beneficial to your physical appearance but it also, increases productivity, boosts your self-esteem, and boosts your immune system! Now, everyone might not have the means, financially, to achieve that “celebrity look” with a full-on glam squad but there are some fundamentals you can adopt from the celebrities to achieve their “celebrity look.”

Fundamental 1: Celebrity Skin

charlize theron achieving a celebrity look

So the very first thing you want to do to achieve the “celebrity look” is to give your skin the “celebrity glow.” One of the biggest celebrity secrets is that some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood rarely wear makeup… they just have an unbelievable skincare regimen and they, of course, use top-of-the-line skincare products.

In addition to the top-notch skincare products, one of the other key things that celebs do for their skin is to drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat healthy foods. These are all things that we know to do but how many of us actually do it? It can be hard to do this when you’re working a full-time job every day and have kids to drop-off and pick up from soccer practice…

Celebrities have nannies and personal assistants to help them but that doesn’t mean celebrity skin is unattainable for you… you just have to make a conscious effort to exercise, drink lots of water, and eat healthier. Now that you know the secret to celebrity skin, you just have to implement it in your daily life.

Fundamental 2: Celebrity Teeth

Katherine Hepburn achieving a celebrity look

What lots of people don’t realize is just how much a nice set of teeth can give your face a completely new look. Lots of celebs will opt for cosmetic dentistry to give them that million-dollar smile while some celebs already have great teeth but they’ll go to get whitening services. Orthodontists will call it that “movie star smile.” Now, to be fair, celebrities absolutely need to have a gorgeous smile because they’re always on camera but you too can have that “movie star smile” as well.

Whether you’re seeking an orthodontist in Houston or another big city, braces are the number one solution to fixing “crooked smiles.” Now, you might be thinking you’re too old for braces… get that out of your head because you’re never too old to want a beautiful smile but if you do feel that way, did you know that you can quickly transform your mouth with fast braces?

Fast braces are braces that can straighten your teeth in as little as six months so you won’t have to feel like it’s going to be a process that takes forever. Once you get your braces removed, you can then look into whitening services and just maintain an overall healthy mouth.

Fundamental 3: Celebrity Hair

scarlet johansson achieving a celebrity look

You’ve seen the celebs with the full, bouncy hair, right? Of course. When you see them, do you ever wonder how they get their hair to be so full and look so healthy? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how they got the look, the secret comes in three parts:

  • Extensions
  • Great conditioner
  • Regular trims

So, before the extensions come in, the very first thing celebs will get done is a nice trim to make sure their hair is nice and healthy with no split-ends; and they do this regularly, even if only half an inch is trimmed. From there, they will get their hair washed and conditioned with quality hair care products (a great conditioner is the key to their hair’s bounce and shine). Once their hair is trimmed and washed, they add more length and volume to their hair with extensions.

The Great News Is…

The great news about achieving the “celebrity look” is that you can easily achieve this look by simply making some lifestyle changes and making a conscious effort to put a little more focus on yourself. Just apply these fundamentals and you’ll be on your way to living the celebrity lifestyle!