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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Back to Self Care and Being Careful Again

After a few weeks of optimism and the sense that the upcoming “new normal” would mean fewer restrictions and a sense of relaxation, a fourth wave of COVID (mainly the Delta variant) means we are back to masks indoors and a heightened sense of caution.

So I’m giving up the idea of dining indoors for the foreseeable future, making my work-at-home environment as pleasant as possible–and taking care of myself


lumiNIR LED Technology

During the months of shutdown, I’ve developed a slouch related to hours at the computer. Bad posture means aches and pains in my neck and shoulder area. Now I have a powerful treatment, developed by experts in light therapy, which fits into the palm of my hand.  

The lumiNIR features the breakthrough LED technology first introduced in Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 infrared saunas.  As the various cell and tissue types beneath the skin’s surface are unique, Sunlighten developed four LED attachments to deliver targeted light energy for the best results for each concern.  

This little device is “light years” better than the old-fashioned heating pad!  

MyCHELLE Dermaceutials

Even after summer’s end, I’m still careful about face and body sun protection–using only the kind that don’t include any “nasties”–parabens, petroleum, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, ureas, and artificial fragrances and colors. MyCHELLE Dermaceutials do the job of protecting skin from UV rays and sun damage by using reef-friendly, mineral-based SPF sun care enriched with antioxidant fortified ingredients. 

EDITOR’S PICK: MyCHELLE Ageless Refining Sugar Cleanser

This line is also the only sun care brand named with the prestigious Clean Label Project(R) Certification this year. MyCHELLE is known for scientific innovation, environmental advocacy, and an ethical and sustainable approach to wellness and beauty.  I was especially impressed by the fact that the entire sun care line was tested for 150+ contaminants that are not regulated by the FDA.

The line is now available at

Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex

No matter how careful you are about protecting your skin, age will have its way. I don’t mind having a face that looks well-lived-in, but I hate the lip bleed lines that have made me stop wearing lipstick. Since I’m not about to do lip filler injections, I was on the lookout for an alternative.

Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex is that alternative. Infused with potent peptides, the product helps to smooth out those pesky fine lines and reduce the appearance of lip bleed lines while the collagen plumps without the stinging sensation that comes with other products. Soothing avocado oil and vitamin E offer superior hydration, just in time for the cooler temperatures and reduced humidity of fall.

Quickys Body Wipes

As I like to use facial wipes to remove sunblock after I’ve been outside, I often thought it would be handy to have something similar for the body, when I need freshening up but am not near a shower. So I was pleased to find Quickys Body Wipes.
The individually packed textured towelletes are infused with natural aloe and cucumber extracts, so the textured side does a quick exfoliation and deep cleanse while the smooth side provides a nice cleansing finish.

DESAVO masks

I have a selection of masks because I know I’ll be using them for a long, long time–and I like using different ones from time to time. So I was interested in checking out the mask used by athletes in the NHL, NBA, Tokyo Olympics (as well as other celebrities). 
When I tested out these DESAVO masks, what I loved best was that they were comfortable and did not fog my glasses or stifle my breathing.
The DESAVO brand was founded by Jonathan Malveaux and David Sajous because they were alarmed by the lack of effective, trustworthy masks as the pandemic hit. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create one of the most effective masks available using advanced technology and backed by science and data. Their goal was simple: to save lives.

Teaming with the NBA was their first test. The NBA decided to set the standard for protection during the height of the pandemic, and partnered with doctors, public health officials and testing labs to identify the best product available globally: DESAVO was selected as the clear winner to protect athletes and coaches across the NBA, WNBA and G League.  

In addition to creating infrastructure to meet the demand of large corporations, sports teams and airlines, DESAVO created a D2C platform to supply directly to the general public.

Fast Facts:

·Filtering Efficiency over 99.9% — DESAVO was tested by CDC/NIOSH’s testing lab, NPPTL (National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory) and the filtering efficiency was over 99.9% — the full assessment may be found on the CDC website here.

·Academy Awards, Professional Sports – DESAVO was selected and used by the Oscars (Academy Awards) and the Kennedy Center Honors, among other TV and film production studios, to protect the talent and production crews.  DESAVO is also the preferred mask partner of over 75 professional sports teams, 1,000 professional athletes, commercial airlines, Fortune 100 companies, and education and healthcare institutions.

·Individually Wrapped – DESAVO masks are individually wrapped making them easy to store in the car, at the office, or in your bag while traveling and to share with friends and family in a sanitary manner.


Though I’m getting back to hibernation mode in my choice of dress, it always cheers me up to buy a couple of things for the change of season. So I browsed the on-trend and Instagram-ready WMNSWR, collection that pairs comfort and flair.

I chose the V-Neck Sweater Dress, which is figure-flattering and also comfortable. If I ever go anywhere dressy, I can amp it up with jewelry and pumps. Price: $52. 

WMNSWR has trendy fashions for sizes XS to 5X, delivering a curated collection of high-quality pieces from both upcoming and established contemporary and designer womenswear brands. 

Savino Enthusiast Carafe

All summer I relied a lot on mini-bottles and cans of wine for my sipping pleasure. No waste, no “stale” wine. But for fall and winter, I want some of my more robust favorites. The Savino Enthusiast Carafe makes that possible. It’s a very attractive, easy-to-use and durable wine preserver that combines Savino’s patented technology with Tritan co-polyester. Its locking lid makes it perfect for outdoor use in the backyard or for picnic.

The Savino Wine Saving Carafe maintains fresh wine for up to a week and features an innovative float that automatically seals users’ wine, preventing oxidation. Its patented technology eliminates the need for the pumps, gasses and corks. It is dishwasher safe, 10.5 inches tall for a perfect fridge fit, weighs 2.5 pounds and holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. MSRP $29.95, available at


After a luscious meal on a cool evening, a snifter of cognac provides a celebratory finish. Now, among the old familiar names, there’s a new kid on the block.

Business Mogul and CEO of Detroit Equities, Dennis McKinley, Former VP for Remy Cointreau, Patrick Charpentier and Jerome Hyafil, a former EVP, Seagram’s Spirits and Wines partnered to launch the premium cognac brand NYAK

NYAK is a premium cognac brand that was conceptualized at “a time when cognac houses in France started to realize the consumption in the U.S. was drifting away from its tradition of being used as a digestive toward a more casual, fun-loving, and informal approach.” Combine that with the fact that “the African-American community was making monumental breakthroughs in pop culture,” and there could not have been a better time for NYAK to hit the spirits scene.

This cognac comes from the area that is known today as Grande Champagne cru, its grapes were Folle Blanche and Colombard and this eaux-de-vie is pure and unblended at a natural strength of 41% volume.

NYAK has a golden color with hints of amber. The nose offers up delicious toasty oak notes (Bourbon vanilla, toasted bread) that stand out against a delightful peppery gourmet base (pear, grape, light honey). On the palate, silky tannins come through in the attack, followed by notes of pastry and jammy fruit (marmalade, ripe apricot), pear, butterscotch and a subtle spiced finish.

NYAK VS Cognac is available in 750ml bottles, 500ml bottles and 200ml bottles, available in. Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware and Connecticut.

Perpetual Bliss

Back in semi-shutdown mode is a good time to add a beautiful hand-poured soy candle to enhance my bedroom and give it a comforting cocoon feel.

Perpetual Bliss, an Atlanta-based home decor and accessories company founded by Erin Carter during the , has those candles. The company was founded by Erin Carter during the COVID-19 pandemic, also makes unusual concrete accessories.

Their signature candles feature a juxtaposition of an industrial concrete base with luxurious metallic foil and are finished with hand-poured soy wax. Erin’s scented candles are handcrafted with refined ingredients, premium fragrance oils and a high quality soy wax for an even burn. Perpetual Bliss’ products retail between $20 – $65 at, as well as select fine retailers.

Erin’s  favorite is the 9″ Concrete Candle–and that is the one that keeps me company in the evening.


Feature Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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