It seems we could have new gimmicks and gadgets every month. Some we may wonder if they really will make a difference in easing travel and others may cause an eye roll or head-shake. When we get information followed by samples, we do not cover them all; we focus on those we think our readers may have an interest in discovering.

Oxygen +

Our first discovery for this month is Oxygen+ from It is portable, safe, natural, easy to use and packaged in a small convenient container. It’s certainly not a replacement for those on oxygen, it is meant to supplement you and give you a lift for elevating energy, increasing alertness and possibly give you more get-up-and-go.

O+ Mini Image courtesy of O+

O+ Mini Image courtesy of O+

I’ve only used this for jetlag when flying cross country several different times and it works. I have an Oxygen+, O+ Mini sample. Each O+ Mini has enough for twenty-four breaths. Three to five breaths should do the trick. Three worked for me. The true test will be on my next flight from Phoenix, Philadelphia, Madrid, to Lyon. I may need a full canister to get over that jetlag. I also know for me it helps relieve a headache.

O+ is recommended for after or before workouts or strenuous activities. I’ve not tried it for that. In addition to the Mini O+, you can order a refillable canister.

This innovative lifestyle product can help you get through your stress with a deep breath with supplemental oxygen. According to the manufacturer, “With three to five breaths of 95% pure oxygen, you can not only decrease stress caused by travel, but you can restore depleted oxygen levels after a long flight, alleviate jet lag, and combat the effects of stale air and pollution from extended car rides. Available in festive peppermint, natural and pink grapefruit flavors, O+ can help you get to and from your destination…”

If you try Oxygen+, let us know what you think.

MyCharge Energy Shot


Image by Maralyn D. Hill

What’s next for this techie junkie, yes, another charger. I have gone through several, that I have paid both a lot and a little for–and only had a couple that I’ve been happy about having or would recommend. In general, my response has been, too short of a charge, too bulky, makes my phone run hot, and does not meet my expectations. Yet, I’ll be the first to admit, my expectations are high.

I do have one I had settled on, AMPPLUS from MyCharge. It seemed to fit the bill the best, other than I would have liked it a tad smaller. But, for a change in this category, I was happy with my investment, as it has close to thirteen hours of talk time, a flashlight and USB port. I was wary when approached to review another charger, but relieved when I discovered it was from MyCharge. I’m happy.

MyCharge (Portable Power) Energy Shot comes packaged like an energy shot drink, and it is packed with energy and a year warranty. It includes a recharging cable to connect to any USB power source. You can shake it to determine the power or if you need to recharge (red, yellow or green). The charge is good for about nine hours and they say you can recharge 500+ times. The size is about as big as of an oversized tube of lipstick. It fits in the corner of my briefcase without a problem, and I’m unexpectedly pleased. So check out the Energy Shot at and let us know your thoughts.

Fusion Wrap

black Frusion Wrap

Image courtesy of Fusion Wrap

This style almost takes me back decades to cinch belts, but the Fusion Wrap is in a class by itself. I’m not big into one-size fits all, but I was willing to try this wearable pocket that zips around the hips to create a stylish storage solution and keep travelers sane. At this point, it comes in a variety of colors: black, camouflage, neon pink, royal blue, tie dye, and others. I’m more of a black person, as it goes with more and draws less attention. I might feel different, if I were a size six or eight, but I’m not.

There are two seven-inch zippered pockets, which have about an eight-inch by three-inch capacity – one on each side. These are ideal for ids, keys, phone, and miscellaneous info you want with you. I stuffed mine to see if it would work. Made of 90% polyester and 10% lycra, the six-inch zipper that zips up the front or side and will work easily if you are a size ten or less. If you are a size twelve or fourteen, which I am, it is easier to zip it up and step into it and slide up. It then looks like a fashion waist cincher instead of a hip-hugger. If you are more than a size fourteen, I would not recommend it, as I stretched the Fusion Wrap to see how far I could stretch it out and it was forty-three inches.

Where would I use this the most–undoubtedly at the gym, walks, or when just going out locally. When I personally travel, I have too much to fit into such a small space. However, I do see this as ideal for someone traveling light.

Check out Fushion Wrap at Let us know what your thoughts.