Somi Somi has become a recent Instagram favorite “like,” appealing to millennials and foodies for its unique cone and colorful swirling colors. Located on the second floor of the interior of Madang Mall plaza in Koreatown, Somi Somi is about a ten-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. They only sell Korean-style “Ah-Boong,” a very popular street food treat in South Korea.

Photo by Jill Weinlein

Usually there is a line of people seeking this cool, creamy and colorful treat in a taiyaki cone. Locals and tourist are given the option to fill a golden Japanese carp fish-shaped cone with red bean paste (sweetened azuki beans), custard or Nutella. Taiyaki is made with pancake or waffle batter. The batter is poured into a two-sided fish-shaped mold. It’s cooked on both sides until golden brown. Those who don’t want a cone can order their sweet treat in a cup.

The shop offer four flavors that change on a rotating basis. True Milk seems to be a staple on the menu. It looks like vanilla, yet without the vanilla extract. The swirled white soft serve ice cream offers a fresh milk flavor. Others choose to swirl with True Milk with another flavor, such as Matcha (green tea powder), black sesame (gray color) or Ube (purple yam). Swirls are more appealing in color and awaken your taste buds. Swirls chang bi-weekly to entice people to come back often.

Photo by Jill Weinlein

You may also enhance your Ah-Boong with additional toppings that include crushed graham crackers, sprinkles, fruity pebble cereal or fresh berries. A berry-flavored macaron is inserted on the side to decorate, be used as an edible spoon and offer a slightly crunchy texture.

Photo by Jill Weinlein

This ice cream treat is as much fun to create as it is to eat.

Somi-Somi is located at 621 S Western Ave, Ste 208-A, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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