There was a time when being on vacation meant being cut off from friends and family for most of the time you were away. Making phone calls was often difficult and expensive while letters and postcards would take so long to arrive that you would often be back home before them.

Today, thanks to the internet, it’s quick and easy to maintain contact with family members wherever you are. Although this makes it easy to share some of your experiences in real time, it can also detract from the element of anticipation that used to be attached to such trips. Read on for a few ideas on ways to stay in touch that help put the magic back into being overseas.

Create a regular schedule

There are a number of smartphone apps that will allow you to make video or calls over a Wi-Fi connection for free. It’s a good idea to schedule regular time slots to ensure people are aware you are going to be calling in advance. Establishing a regular pattern of communication in this way also makes it harder for such calls to be forgotten and reduces anxiety among those at home as they know exactly when contact will be made.

If you are concerned about the health of a parent or elderly relative while you are traveling then in addition to regular video calls you should also consider using technology such as the Libris personal emergency response system from Nortek Security & Control. Such technology can monitor health data and includes automatic fall detection which can alert a monitoring service in the event of an emergency. Such a system can provide you with great peace of mind during your travels as you know that, should the worst-case scenario come to pass, your loved one will be able to receive prompt assistance.

Write a blog

Although posting regular updates to your favorite social media page will give friends and family something of an insight into your travels, they will be far more absorbed in your experiences if you provide them with additional content in the form of a blog. Don’t be concerned if you think your writing skills are not up to the job – just write down the same things you would tell them if you were having a chat about your trip over a coffee on your return.

The key benefit of a blog is that it provides you with an opportunity to go into great detail about all the people you have met and all of the adventures you have had. It also helps to preserve them in your own mind, ensuring that every last detail of your trip remains available to you for years to come.

Send letters and postcards

Despite the delays associated with sending such items, few thrills can compare to the sheer joy of receiving a letter or postcard from someone on their travels. Ensure you pick a few up in as many locations as possible and use them to jot down quick thoughts or feelings as you experience them. Once you return, you’ll be able to use the cards to jog your memory and tell the recipients even more about that particular part of your journey.