Travel-size Luxury Toiletries

When you’re staying at a top hotel or spa and find shampoos and other toiletries you love, do you take them and wish you could easily find the same luxurious products for purchase?

Now you can.

Gilchrist & Soames, the leading provider of cosmetic-grade toiletry collections for the luxury hotel market, has introduced four new collections–Gilchrist & Soames Royal, Shade, GUILD + PEPPER and Stem–that are also available for sale.

These new collections, like the company’s other products, embrace cruelty-free development and manufacturing practices, ensuring that all products are never tested on animals, nor contain animal-derived ingredients. All liquids are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrol-derived ingredients.

All bottles are made with highly recyclable, low resin weight PET/HDPE. From design, development, formulation, manufacturing, quality assurance and distribution, Gilchrist & Soames is known not only for its rich British pedigree, but also for providing high performance, botanically-based products that are good for the consumer and good for the planet.

While these new collections are good news if you stay in hotels often, the even better news is that they are available for purchase, joining the company’s other eco-friendly and luscious products.

The rundown on the collections:

Gilchrist & Soames Royal

The Royal Collection pays tribute to Gilchrist & Soames’ British heritage while simultaneously remaining fresh and modern. Guests are drawn to the Royal Collection because of the timeless packaging and luxurious formulation.

Gilchrist & Soames GUILD + PEPPER

GUILD + PEPPER is a modern, masculine apothecary collection with the nature and uniqueness of spice.

Gilchrist & Soames Stem

The Stem Collection will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. With its name, design and natural fragrance of cooling cucumber water, juicy melon dew, white tea and teakwood, this eco-friendly collection delivers powerful nutrients to hair, skin and body, leaving users feeling relaxed, refreshed and reconnected to their environment.

Gilchrist & Soames Shade

The Shade Collection is a revival of the age of leisure, featuring bold colors and design-minded packaging, along with the unique and vibrant fragrance blend of pink peppercorn, spiced musk and patchouli. Rich in antioxidants to refresh and revive, the collection encourages users to take their time and savor the little things.

Emergency Zipper Repair

It’s bad enough when zippers malfunction when you’re at home; it’s a real emergency when they give out while you’re on the road. That’s why an inexpensive little gadgets known as the FixnZip can be a trip-saver when you’re away and a great convenience when you’re at home.

Image courtesy of LA Times

Image courtesy of LA Times

The FixnZip™  is a replacement zipper slider that works on a variety of zipper types and materials. It requires no tools and no sewing to install. A go-to product for repairing a wide range of zipper sizes, and fixing zippers that separate, the device is also great for missing or damaged zipper sliders.

Both easy to use and eco-friendly, The FixnZip is reusable and can be taken off one item and used for another.

It is universal when it comes to different zipper types. The patented design allows it to work on plastic and metal teeth, as well as nylon coils.

Once you know your zipper size, you can, then, take a look at the FixnZip sizing chart to determine which FixnZip™ is right for you.

Some examples are:

Small. Teeth & Coil: 1-4

Examples: pants, skirts, fine garments, cushions, clutch handbags.

Medium. Teeth & Coil: 5-7

Examples: jackets, sleeping bags, tents, purses, duffel bags.

Large. Teeth & Coil: 8-10

Examples: wetsuits, boat covers, canvas tents, heavy duty clothing, jeep windows.

The FixnZip is available for purchase online at and price points start from $9.99.

Tutorials on how to use the FixnZip can be seen

Gilchrist & Soames product images courtesy of Gilchrist & Soames.