Author: Lillian Africano

Viking Star and Her Sisters: A Superstar Fleet in the Making

Share: Not content with dominating the world’s rivers with his ships, Viking founder Torstein Hagen has firmly established his brand on the planet’s oceans with the Viking Star and the five siblings due to arrive by the end of 2020. (The Viking Sea will be christened in May 2016, the Viking Sea in 2017.) In her debut season (Spring 2015), the Star lived up to her name as she was awarded the cruise industry’s highest accolades. She was named Best New Ocean Ship and received a 5-star rating by the editors of Cruise Critic; received the highest rating in...

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Live Like a Sugar Baron at Houmas House

Share: There are plantations — and then there is Louisiana’s Houmas House, a historic sugar plantation where history is served up with a dash of eccentricity and plenty of charm. It’s a place where Gone with the Wind is easily imagined, and where Scarlett O’Hara and her fiddle-dee-dee-ing would be right at home. Although Houmas House, outside of Darrow, La., is open to the public, it’s also the home of businessman Kevin Kelly, who bought the place in 2003, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning an important Louisiana plantation. In residence with Kevin are assorted herons, swans, frogs (real...

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Jorge Cruise Offers a Retraction

Share: For years, celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise treated sugar calories as if they were all the same, regardless of the source. Fruit was not a part of his diet – nor did he recommend it as part of his diet plans. “I told people for years to count only sugar calories. This was based on science of the hormone insulin, mostly done by Gary Taubes…my mentor for years. Gary’s work made me scared of fruit. (I) would never touch a banana for years. I no longer believe that. I was wrong,” Cruise admits. “The mistake I made was to...

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Regent Seven Seas Explorer: The World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ship

Share: Though Regent Cruises’ Seven Seas Explorer will not debut until Summer 2016, the ship’s top category Regent suite had already been booked for 14 of the ship’s first 15 sailings back in August. The $10,000-a-night price tag apparently did not deter fans of Regent’s brand of all-inclusive luxury as they purchased a cruise experience that was bound to be unique and memorable. At 54,000 gross-registered tons and at a cost of $450 million, the all-suite Seven Seas Explorer will be the most expensive luxury ship ever built. Carrying only 750 guests, the ship will have the highest space...

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Boston Tea Party Anyone?

Share: On December 16, 1773, more than 5,000 American colonists met at Old South Meeting House to decide the fate of three shiploads of tea docked in Boston Harbor. Emotions ran high as the colonists bitterly denounced the British troops who occupied the city, the taxes the Crown imposed on everything from household goods to window panes. Especially hated was the tax on tea, a daily staple for the people of Boston. And there they sat, three ships carrying tea in the harbor, waiting to be unloaded. In a gesture of protest, the colonists refused to unload the ships....

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