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Clementine Hunter Murals in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Have you ever driven through a city or town and immediately wanted to stop and explore? That’s how I felt when I reached Natchitoches, Louisiana, site of the town in the movie Steel Magnolias. Fortunately, I did have a few hours to spend. The brief visit only increased my desire to return as this destination has much to offer. Natchitoches (pronounced “Nack-a-tish”) is the oldest community in the Louisiana Purchase territory. Today, it’s the B&B capital of the state with many historic inns that look inviting for a girlfriend getaway or romantic escape. The lively and upscale riverfront of...

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Cammy Davis, Mixed-Media Artist Extraordinaire

Cammy Davis came to my attention as a result of my being a guest on her show, “Art on the Airwaves.” As you read Cammy’s interview, you will see that in addition to being a well-respected mixed-media artist who is inspired by nature, she has developed two other skills necessary for success: a good business plan for herself and a path that helps others in her field achieve success. I’ve found that individuals who bring that combination together do quite well. She exhibits her work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout Oregon and has her “artistic maps”...

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A Perfume Heaven in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a maze of small squares and narrow, sometimes cobbled, streets. Stretching between the Ramblas de Catalunya and Via Laetana, dominated by the cathedral and a basilica, the Gothic Quarter is a treasure trove for any visitor who seeks extraordinary shops, exquisitely designed clothes, bespoke wicker furniture, colorful costume jewelry and just about everything else that smells of individuality and luxury. And talking about smells: On my recent week-long trip to Barcelona, I was rather aimlessly ambling around Plaza del Pi, looking at the paintings of artists who exhibit their works there at weekends. Turning into...

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Bringing Hope to Hospital Patients: The Foundation for Photo/Art

There is growing scientific evidence which confirms that certain types of art, such as soothing nature images, can actually reduce pain, anxiety and stress. Based on this knowledge an increasing number of hospitals are decorating their walls with art as a way to enhance the well-being and recovery process of their patients. Elaine Poggi is an extraordinary nature photographer who lives in Italy. I first met her when I served as a juror for the annual Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of Art” exhibition and selected one of her exuberant floral photographs for the exhibition. The artist, who...

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“Life Without Art is like Dinner Without Wine. Why Bother?”

Thomas Arvid, represented by Quent Cordair Fine Art in Napa, has been credited with launching an art trend that revolves almost completely around the product that is the heart and soul of the wine country. Delighting wine and art connoisseurs alike, Arvid’s mouthwatering, oversized still lifes feature wine and the rituals surrounding wine, the intricate details of which, as brought to life with a mastery of light, depth, and reflection, have garnered worldwide attention and acclaim.

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Fredericksburg, Texas: Wine, Art and Cuisine

Fredericksburg, Texas is a small town of about 12,000 that has been coming into its own lately. With a heaping dose of small town hospitality, it still has big city amenities. Situated in the Hill Country of central Texas, it’s about an hour from San Antonio and just a tad farther from Austin. What makes it so special – and I’m not just talking about the folks from San Antonio and Austin who love to make Fredericksburg a weekend getaway – is that it is one of the fastest growing wine destinations in the country. And it has art...

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Spring and Luxe in Amsterdam

You are standing in a springtime garden. As you slowly turn, sunshine blazes on a riot of colors in every direction. Lush beds of tulips, daffodils and azaleas surround you. For eight weeks each year, you can find yourself among seven million tulips on seventy-nine manicured acres at Keukenhof. You probably won’t find Keukenhof in your spell-checker but you will find it less than an hour’s drive outside of Amsterdam in Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands. Keukenkof, which means “Kitchen Courtyard” in Dutch, was originally part of Teylingen Castle, and the wooded land provided food and game as far back as the 15th...

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Art Collection of Lauren Bacall Will Be Displayed at Bonhams’ Madison Avenue Galleries

Art Collection of Lauren Bacall will be displayed at Bonhams’ Madison Avenue Galleries. The preview will be held in New York, March 25 – March 30. The highly anticipated auction will take place on March 31 and April 1. The extensive art collection of the late acclaimed actress, Lauren Bacall, will go on view to the public at Bonhams’ Madison Avenue galleries from 25-30 March inclusive (10.00-17.30) before being auctioned on March 31 and April 1. Accompanying the sale is the lavishly illustrated auction catalog, a collector’s item in its own right. Numbering more than 374 pages and containing...

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An Interview with Bryan Larsen

I love my job, not only because of the beautiful art I’m surrounded by every day, but because of the exceptionally talented, accomplished, passionate people I have the privilege of working with. One of those people is Bryan Larsen, an artist our gallery has represented exclusively since the beginning of his career. Currently, our most productive painter, Bryan has become our most popular, and rightly so.  What makes him tick? How does he do it and why? I took some time to sit down with the artist to discuss his work. Thank you for your time today, Bryan. It...

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Art and Music Round-up

Thursday is one our favorite days of the week, here at Luxe Beat Magazine. We feature articles on art, music and topics with a cultural bent. Here is a round-up a few from our collection: City of Dreams Artist Layla Fanucci Born in San Francisco in 1957, Layla Fanucci’s artistic talent was first expressed in music. Fanucci, along with her brother and sister, was encouraged by her parents to study multiple instruments, learning to play the piano, clarinet, and guitar. She went on to teach the guitar, putting herself through San Francisco State University by giving lessons. She pursued...

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Romantic Realist Linda Cordair

Linda Cordair and I first met because of Quent Cordair Fine Art. My husband, Norm, had collected quite a bit of fine art before we were married. When the time came that we were willing to part with one piece and have it auctioned to benefit an organization, we took it to Quent Cordair. At the time, we did not realize that Linda was a specialist in Cappuletti’s art. Since then, we have kept up with each other, discussing art we have and artists they represent. When Luxe Beat Magazine was looking for someone to write articles on art,...

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