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Artist Kimberly Forness Wilson Turned a Personal Tragedy Into a Gift

Kimberly Forness Wilson is a multi-talented artist, singer, and inventor from Maui, Hawaii and Grand Forks, North Dakota. In addition to having an accomplished art career she presents a variety of creativity workshops to help people in recovery, individuals with mental challenges, children with special needs, and at-risk youth. The artist derives enormous satisfaction in teaching others, “how to tap into the creative force which is within all of us.” For five years Wilson has been presenting “Mental Health Art Tribe”, a workshop designed for artists dealing with mental health issues. She takes pride in the fact that her...

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From Clay to Bronze – Timeless Beauty

“It’s this quality of my work that connects my heart and soul to others who are looking at it, or preferably, feeling it. By sharing story and emotion through the human form, I feel connected in a deeper way, both with the people who view it and, perhaps most importantly, to the sculpture I am working on. I feel that my artwork is complete once I sense that it has entered someone’s life in a meaningful way.” – Martin Eichinger

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The Art of Food

Later this month Sherrie Wilkolaski, our Editor-in-Chief, and I will be in Lyon, France, to attend Sirha, one of the finest hospitality tradeshows, which incorporates the French Pastry Cup and finalizes with the Bocuse d’Or—an “Olympics of Food Flavor and Talent.” After being invited many times by my friend, French Master Chef Hervé Laurent, he finally convinced me to attend in 2009. It was awesome and I was hooked.   This show is every two years and each time, it just keeps getting better. In addition to having the finest food, wine and hospitality purveyors, competition in twelve display kitchens...

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Thomas Hart Benton’s “America Today” Mural

Thomas Hart Benton’s “America Today” Mural at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Mural painting has come a long way since its first appearance around 30,000 BC, with the famous paintings in the Chauvet Cave in Ardèche department of southern France. As it progressed into modern times, the term “mural” was often associated with the Mexican “muralista” art movement and the renowned artist Diego Rivera. One of the most esteemed muralists in the United States was Thomas Hart Benton (1889–1975), a painter from Missouri, who was at the forefront of the Regionalist art movement. The artist attracted enormous appeal for...

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Celebrity Eyes on Christian Roth for 30 Years

The right pair of shades can make anyone feel like a celebrity. There is a transformation that occurs that can’t quite be explained, as a stylish pair of specs glide up your nose and the whites of your eyes slowly disappear behind the lenses. When it comes to luxury eyewear, Christian Roth transformed how the world looks at optical fashion, both inside and out. It’s been 30 years and Christian Roth is still adored by celebrities and those who want to feel like a star. In 1984, Eric Domège and Christian Roth founded Christian Roth eyewear. The company is...

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Nadine Robbins Paints Unconventional Portraits and Oysters

Whether Nadine Robbins is creating a large painting of a family portrait or a closeup view of vibrant red oysters glistening on a bed of ice, her approach is always  unconventional. The unique perspective that she brings to her light-filled realistic paintings has attracted the attention of numerous collectors and praise from the art community. For instance, critic John Seed, writing in the Huffington Post, chose Robbin’s portrait “Mrs. McDonald” as one of his “Ten Memorable Paintings for 2013.” Seed praised the “sultry mood and unique beauty” of the image, and was then inspired to write a second article...

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Clearly Beautiful ~ a Sculptor’s Vision

Why is it that we respond to certain styles of art more than to other styles? What does it say about us individually, and what does it say about the artist, when a particular work of an artist resonates with our soul, while the work of another artist may leave us cold and unmoved? As a gallery owner, I spend every day surrounded by the beauty created by artists who share an especially joyous and passionate sense of life.  We asked Michael Wilkinson, one of our most popular sculptors, to share his thoughts on Art, on why Art is...

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Neo-Impressionism And The Dream Of Realities At The Phillips Collection

During the late 1800s, painters in Europe were in search of new ways to express themselves. Impressionism was a major movement that came to prominence during the 1870s and 1880s. Shortly thereafter, Neo-Impressionism made its entry. The term “Neo-Impressionism” was coined by French art critic, Félix Fénéon, in 1886 to describe an exciting art movement founded by artist Georges Seurat and his friends. In 1886, Seurat and this new group of artists presented its first exhibition as the Société des Artistes Indépendants (Salon des Indépendants), in Paris. Seurat’s iconic painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande...

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WOMEN FASHION POWER at The Design Museum

Powerful women from past to present, from Coco Chanel to CEOs, as well as those who reign in the worlds of royalty and entertainment, have used fashion to define themselves, represent their unique personalities, and proclaim their positions of authority. Their individual style choices serve as instruments for self-expression. Suffice it to say, fashion is an integral component in the visual language of society. As the title suggests, WOMEN FASHION POWER, an exhibition at the Design Museum in the UK, promises to be electrifying and colorful.  Visitors will take a multi-media journey through the display of historic pieces of...

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Bernini: The Artist Who Breathed Life into Marble

If you have ever been to Rome or the Vatican, you have definitely seen Bernini’s work. He is a sculptor and architect from the 17th century, who has impacted the artistic and cultural image of Rome under patronage of cardinals and 8 Popes. He grew up with sculpture in his father’s workshop and showed promise early in his life. It is said that, when he was just 8 years old, Bernini first made a sculpture that amazed everyone who looked at it (later on, it was suggested he was actually a few years older than that). From there, he...

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History, Art, Beauty, and Fashion Come Alive in NYC Museums

Three compelling New York museum exhibitions reflect the course of history and share a common thread of beauty, fashion and glamour in different ways. The “Gilded Age” at the Museum of the City of New York provides a view of the 19th century lifestyle of the elite in New York, while the “Killer Heels” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum encompasses decades of styles of high heel shoes. An exhibition of Cubist Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art would not have come to fruition without the 40 year collection of cosmetics mogul Leonard A. Lauder. We know that Cubism...

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A Place to Breathe: after the quake, the art of rebuilding

Today, as I sit at my desk, I am surrounded by ghostly forms—sculpted figures enshrouded in protective plastic, their faces, arms, hands, and fingers visible but hazily veiled, as if floating just beneath a watery surface, their bodies suspended, souls asphyxiated. They can’t breathe. Neither can I, not yet. Through the dust in the air and the sporadic noise of power tools, I try to complete calls with artists, clients, structural engineers and contractors. Between emails and texts, I urge the drywallers on, rolling up my sleeves in frustration at times, grabbing a spatula to demonstrate how much more...

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