The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world and is one of the best ways to explore Russia and Asia. The epic Trans-Siberian railway journey takes you to some of the most remote parts of Russia, Mongolia, and China. You can watch the countries unfold right through the window of your comfortable train cabin. You will get a feeling of Russian, Mongolian and Chinese cultures and spirit, see the mysterious Urals, Lake Baikal, unbelievable Ulaanbaatar, and ancient Chinese provinces. On top of that, the travelers have a unique chance to enjoy spectacular Russian nature: its beautiful lakes and rivers, thriving green forests and beautiful mountains – the Eurasian beauty in one lifetime trip!

Travel in comfort – IMPERIAL RUSSIA Train

On-board The Imperial Russia Train you can travel in luxury.  Visiting the most prominent historical and cultural centers of the vast Russian Empire has never been easier.

The Imperial Russia Train, a ‘hotel on wheels with high standard facilities, and a luxurious style offer the best possible way to travel along the most famous railway in the world.


Whether you are traveling alone, or as part of a group, the Imperial Russia train has everything that you could ask for. With 24-hour carriage service, two restaurants, and a bar car, you will never be short of places to sit, meet other travelers, and watch the incredible scenery go by.

The Train offers four classes; First Class, First Class Plus, Business, and VIP.

In VIP suites you will find comfortable seating – a sofa and an armchair. For sleeping, they are converted into upper and lower berths. A wardrobe for clothes, and luggage and individual air conditioning controls are for your convenience.

A private bathroom en suite with shower belongs to each Suite, as well as a washbasin, toilet, bathrobe, slippers, and a hairdryer.

Business Class cars offer two-seat compartments with an area of 5.5 sqm., a table, and an armchair along with individual air conditioning controls. There are a transformable sofa and a foldaway upper berth. The private en-suite bathroom has a washbasin, toilet, and shower.

First Class cabins have bunk beds with a table and a chair. There are shared shower and washing facilities between cabins and toilets at the end of the carriages.

The Imperial Russia Train has two elegant dining cars, with large panoramic windows providing amazing vistas while passengers enjoy traditional cuisine.

How to choose a train tour in Russia

If you go on Trans-Siberian railway trip by IMPERIAL RUSSIA Train be sure that you will ride on the best available trains with high-quality carriages on each route. You can choose the premium private Golden Eagle or overnight local Trans-Siberian train; both will ensure an incredible railway tour around stunning Russia.

Trans Siberian Railway " Tsar's Gold" Train Beijing to Moscow

For those who look for comfort and luxury, there are several luxurious train travel options to choose from.

The Tsar’s Gold train is known for its excellent service, nice compartments, and high standard facilities.  On top of this, a dedicated tour director and lectures on Russian history, cultural and language are part of the package.

Golden Eagle Train Tour

The Journey tour on the Golden Eagle Train will let you enjoy the world’s longest train journey in a company of the friendly staff.  Great train facilities, onboard entertainment, meals, and excursions during the most exciting stops will give a special flavor to the journey.

Golden Eagle Train Tour

Your cabin will have en-suite facilities, and you will enjoy the train’s restaurant bar car. First-class cabins include the service of personal cabin attendants who will look after your needs throughout the whole journey. This journey is designed to get an ultimate Trans-Siberian experience enjoying the 5-star luxury of a private train.

If you want to discover the Silk Road – which was for centuries the connection between Eurasia, East, and West you can go on rail tours from Russia to Central Asia

Silk Road tour

On a short Silk Road tour, you can travel from splendid Moscow to Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, enjoying all the luxurious facilities of the Golden Eagle Train.

The longer version of Silk Road Classic tour takes you from Moscow to Beijing displaying the extraordinary countries of central Asia.

Whatever trip you will choose, undoubtedly, the Trans Siberian railway tour will be one of the greatest adventures which guarantee the experience like nothing else you experienced before.

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