Travelling to the World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with the chance to watch the greatest spectacle in sport unfold before your very eyes. And a great hotel stay can be what takes your World Cup journey and makes it even better. These hotels, in particular, are great choices for making your trip to Russia an all-time great trip during the World Cup.

Hotel Astoria – St. Petersburg


Hotel Astoria - St. PetersburgIf you prioritize amazing views of historic Russia before you go watch the players in the World Cup attempt to make history, then Hotel Astoria might be the place for you. Overlooking the iconic St. Isaac’s cathedral, you can certainly do worse in terms of what you look at when you open your hotel room window than what you will see at Hotel Astoria. 

St. Petersburg has been the host for memorable World Cup matches thus far, including the Morocco vs. Iran and Brazil vs. Costa Rica matches that were decided in the final moments. Brazil, one of the World Cup 2018 betting favourites at 9/2 odds going into the competition, was pushed to the brink by Costa Rica’s defense. Thanks to their late heroics, though, Brazil may still be on track to make a deep run in the tournament.

Other favourites in the tournament heading into the World Cup have not had the same success as Brazil. Spain are among the top favourites to win the tournament at 888 despite struggling with the likes of Morocco. Germany is on their short list of World Cup favourites as well, even though they were a miracle Toni Kroos curler from having one point from two matches. For pros and cons of using 888, this 888 review has more information on their casino offering.

Four Seasons Hotel – St. Petersburg

Four Seasons Hotel - St. PetersburgWhen it comes to the Four Seasons in St. Petersburg, your jaw may well hit the floor as a result of the beauty of the facility. From the unbelievable aesthetic quality of the facility to the fact that they featured one of the first chefs to have a Michelin star restaurant in Eastern Europe and you’ve got a combination of style and substance that would perfectly complement the style and substance of watching some of the best teams in the world do battle for the right to be called champions.

If you really want to feel like royalty, you can stay at the Lobanov Presidential Suite, with a private furnished balcony and plenty of other gorgeous features, there are more than enough things to love if you want to splurge to make your World Cup stay in Russia as memorable as possible.

Accommodation in Russia is beautiful throughout the country, no matter which cities you plan on going to for 2018 World Cup matches. But these two, in particular, have pristine reputations thanks to the way they look and the way that they take care of their guests, for an unforgettable trip from when you wake up to go to the matches to when you lay down afterwards.