The world of luxury is diverse. There are as many definitions of luxury as there are people, even amongst luxury travelers. From achieving the greatest feats to relaxing with a private view of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, each definition requires quality at every turn. Whether you travel frequently for business or for pleasure, whether you relax beside a private beach or try to climb the tallest mountain, there are certain expectations every luxury traveler has – namely that the equipment they choose is of the highest quality.

Longline’s PrimeLunaOne of the staples that many people require but don’t often consider is that of the humble watch. A watch can tell the time and sit on your wrist, or it can help you better yourself as a traveler, with increased precision, timekeeping, and stunning design that helps you strike the right tone whether you are having fun with friends or entertaining business people around the world.

The watch is a statement. It is function, design, and style rolled into one, and, with the recent expansion of the Swiss retail giant Bucherer, Americans from all backgrounds have more options than ever before.

This is due to the recent acquisition of two watch retail giants. In London, Bucherer acquired The Watch Gallery. This acquisition is sure to expand their international reach, as well as further their influence in European markets. In the United States, however, it acquired Tourneau and all of its 28 stores in 10 different states across the country. Unlike other watch retailers or manufacturers in the United States, Bucherer understands the power of e-commerce and even of certified pre-owned sales. It also offers finance options for those who understand the quality and craftsmanship behind Swiss luxury brands but don’t have the capital to pay for it up front. Combined, this move is set to change the world of luxury watches within the United States for the better.

It is due to these varied options and increased exposure that Bucherer is bringing the world of luxury watches to every business and luxury traveler. Fans of Audemars Piguet will have greater choice from this family-run brand, including the first steel high-end sports watch line, known as the Royal Oak. It is one of the four “Old Ladies” of Haute Horlogerie and has been infamous since its inception in 1875. The brand is the legacy of Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, and the brand itself has remained under the control of these two families since, ensuring that the initial vision of its founders never wavers.

The wide variety of choices means that there is something for everyone. Women, in particular, will enjoy Longline’s PrimeLuna collection, which has strived to offer traditional gentility to modern women. The brand, which has existed since 1832, is the oldest luxury watchmaker around. Its winged logo is infamous, and its business is global. Longlines have a proud heritage and many fantastic choices for both men and women alike.

Audemars PiguetBucherer has been a luxury watch retailer for over a hundred years, and during their time in operation, they have made partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands. The most notable of these brands is Rolex, of whom Ernst Bucherer made a formal partnership with its founder, Hans Wilsdorf in the 1920s. This was before Rolex was the notorious luxury powerhouse it is today, though its qualifications were being formalized by both the Swiss and Kew Observatory.

From their inception in 1888, the Bucherer have expanded, partnering with the best brands and have even helped traditional luxury brands innovate, leading the world of luxury watches back into the light of profit and appeal. For luxury travelers, this means increased option and pricing, allowing more people to put the best brands on the market on their wrists.