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March 2015 Luxe Beat Magazine CoverMARCH 2015 RELIABLE LUXURY

RELIABLE LUXURY is the focus of our March 2015 edition. Spring is just around the corner and this month we’re taking a look at luxury from a practical, must-have point of view.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an interview with Executive Chef Kerry Heffernan, spring into luxury in Amsterdam, or discover all that 24 Karat gold really has to offer.

Let luxury always be yours.




Luxe Beat Magazine February 2015 COVERFEBRUARY 2015 LUXURY ESCAPE

LUXURY ESCAPE is the focus of this February 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. We are also celebrating our year anniversary! Luxe Beat Magazine released its first issue in February of 2014. We launched the brand in November 2013 at the International Emmy’s and in just over a year, we have come a long way.

In this issue escape to Paris and discover the gem that is Bessé Signature with luxury boutique hotelier Anne Jousse in a piece by Leah Walker. Janice Nieder highlights the Perfect Paris Weekend Getaway for First-timers.

When in Poland, spelunking in the Wieliczka Salt Mines is a must and Maralyn D. Hill explores the art treasures in this unique cave escape. If you’re looking for something in a warmer climate you’ll enjoy Devanshi Mody’s article Camp Jabulani Romantic South African Safari.

Speaking of romance, we haven’t forgotten about all of the Valentine’s out there. For your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, get a taste of what Homemade Confections A-List Candy Queen Judith Galindo has to offer, or mix-up a special cocktail with our Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes.

There is so much to uncover in our Luxury Escape issue, whatever your pleasure be sure your escape is luxurious.

January 2015 Luxe Beat Magazine CoverJANUARY 2015 ARTISTIC LUXURY

ARTISTIC LUXURY is the focus of our January 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. To celebrate the New Year, we are taking a moment to showcase art on a variety of levels. Art can be found in every aspect of life, not only in museums but in the places we live, destinations we visit, and food that we eat.

For our readers who love to travel, soak in the rugged and majestic landscape of Switzerland in Leah Walker’s article, Luxury Meets the Mountains in St. Moritz, Switzerland. You’ll be longing for the slopes!

If you’re longing for a warmer climate, perhaps our new column Put a Pin it It! will keep you warm with Mrs. Conda or escape to the picturesque Molori Safari Lodge Spa.

Get a taste of Bocuse d’or and the artistry that is food in Maralyn’s piece, The Art of Food. We will be attending the 2015 event in Lyon, France in late January, and will be highlighting the best the culinary world has to offer in upcoming issues.

Celebrate in style with cocktail recipes from Matcha’s Revamped Martini that have recipes readers can try with a revolutionary new ingredient.

Art lovers will not be disappointed as we cover everything from clay to bronze and explore the timeless of fine art. We continue our artistic exploration with Linda Cordair, one of our resident art professionals. She provides a fabulous commentary on art in this modern time.

Our cover features Joe Noonan, founder of Homespun Design. He combines classic techniques of the past with modern technology of today, to bring distinctive home décor to the masses. Discover the art of American made furniture.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a luxurious 2015!


LUXURY CELEBRATIONS is the focus of our December edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. From Christmas to New Years, December is a month of celebrations all around the world. To celebrate in luxury is to give more than just gifts wrapped in designer wrapping paper. Why not consider something bigger, like traveling to exotic destinations or toasting with a glass of champagne filled with 24 Karat Gold.

For our readers who love to give, we have plenty of articles to give you ideas. Whether your special someone is a wine aficionado or a world traveler, there are gift lists that are sure to inspire you.

For our readers who love to travel during the holidays, we have the firsthand knowledge of some exciting destinations. If train travel is on your holiday wish list, you are sure to enjoy The Rocky Mountaineer: A Train to the Sublime by Lillian Africano. If skiing is more your style check out Leah Walker’s article on her Alpine winter adventure in Austria’s Arlberg.

Speaking of style, What Are You Renting for the Holidays? Find out what is the hottest thing on the holiday runway this season.

From everyone here at Luxe Beat Magazine, Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!


Luxe Beat Magazine November 2014NOVEMBER 2014 LUXURY CUISINE

LUXURY CUISINE is the focus of our November 2014 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. Being a luxury foodie involves finding the best flavors and presentations of food, along with finding the perfect surroundings to experience it! From the most professional chefs and the highest rated restaurants to indulgences in the food itself, there are certainly a lot of factors to consider when trying to find the best food around. Food, particularly from luxury cuisine, is one of the most popular ways to treat yourself and to bring people together.

For our food lovers, we have an interview with Chef Yves Le Lay, a leading chef in New Nordic Cuisine.

For our wine and spirits connoisseurs, we have great chocolate and wine pairings, and we also have cocktail recipes along with the scoop on bartending. We also have a great information graphic about Beer vs. Wine.

Of course, we cannot neglect our travel junkies! From the islands of Greece to Antarctica, we have the scoop on great destinations everyone will want to visit. Speaking of having the scoop, check out the technology of Skoop! and how they are the leading mobile apps innovator.

Luxury is meant to be enjoyed!



HISTORICAL LUXURY is the focus of our October 2014 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. Historical luxury is about finding the classic and time-­tested everywhere you go! From old hotels to timeless works of art and fashion, you can find history behind every luxury! There are qualities within them that are cherished and have consistently pampered people for many generations.

For travel lovers, we have the scoop on luxurious and historical hotels all over America and great outdoor destinations! One article everyone will enjoy is Fort Worth, Texas for Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Culture.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate Oktoberfest, you’re sure to enjoy The Art of Beer Craftsmanship. If you’re in the mood to celebrate Halloween and looking for some spooky history, we’re talking with author Jack Heath. His historical tie to the Salem witch trials has taken him on a journey from book to film.

For our art lovers, we’re featuring artist Karen Yee, and fashion comes alive in NYC museums. Everyone is sure to enjoy Historical Luxury in the Heart of the Oldest City, Global Etiquette­ Handshakes and Greetings Worldwide!

No luxury in the world is without its own history!


Luxe Beat Magazine September 2014 CoverSEPTEMBER 2014 FASHIONABLE LUXURY

FASHIONABLE LUXURY is the focus of our September 2014 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. Fashionable luxury is about finding the tailored or custom design in everything luxurious beyond the couture fashion lines featured on the runway. Being fashionable in the world of luxury is all about style. You can find qualities that people enjoy in finely crafted automobiles, travel destinations, cuisine, and other art forms.

Gentlemen, this issue is not just all fashion and beauty. We’re covering the 64th annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. With the handsome lines of the Aston Martin to a Lamborghini Gala, there is enough automobile design to satisfy.

Ladies, we’re bringing you a taste of Earth-friendly designers UMASAN a new approach to how we look at fashion, and our featured cover model and cosmetic leader, Jane Iredale, who is celebrating 20 years of success.

Everyone is sure to enjoy Debi Lander’s discovery of the The Art Of Tanjore Paintings In Southern India, and rejuvenate at the Pera Palace in Istanbul with Inka Piegas-Quischote.

No matter where you are in the world, stay true to your style so long as you’re doing it in luxury.



NATURAL LUXURY is the focus of our August 2014 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. What is natural luxury? Our editorial team had a lengthy discussion about the topic and decided it is more than just a beautiful sun kissed beach or the face of a beautiful woman. It is more than that. It goes beyond what can be discovered in the open air because at the end of the day, everything we enjoy has come from the natural elements that surround us.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t showcase Mother Nature just a little bit, in this Natural Luxury edition and contributor Debi Lander takes our readers to the Grand Canyon. Our Creative Director Benjamin Bennett did an exceptional job on the layout of this article, it really feels like you’re there.

Discover the streets of Vienna with Editor-At-Large, Leah Walker, fall in love with everything that Newfoundland has to offer, and drift away to Nantucket’s The Summer House.

This issue we’re introducing audio! Listen to a clip from David Pack’s Napa Crossroads CD and find out why wine and music mix well together.

Luxe Beat Magazine has the exclusive look at The End of Innocence, Allegra Jordan’s newest novel. The 1914 Harvard setting of this book will get you in the mood for fall, as the summer comes to a close. The book is being released at the end of August, 100 years after the story takes place. Don’t forget to read Part II of John Moeller’s Dining at the White House series.

Enjoy everything that luxury has to offer!



LUXURY CRAFTSMANSHIP is our focus for this July 2014 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. Craftsmanship is defined as the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry. When it comes to defining what luxury is, craftsmanship is always a consideration. From the architect who design fine hotels, to winemakers fashioning the perfect bottle of wine, and the talented artists who bring beauty into our lives through their work, luxury and craftsmanship go hand in hand.

What impresses me most about quality craftsmanship, is the work that goes into building an artisans skills. The long hours of study blended with a drive and passion to be the best. You could say that Luxe Beat Magazine is ever-evolving our craft, as we sculpt our way to being the premier luxury magazine our readers crave.

Sit back and enjoy all that we have to offer in this issue. Get an education on Contemporary Greek Winemaking with Yliana Stengou of Domaine Porto Carras. Discover the secret ingredient that makes Gordon Ramsay’s at The London NYC a continued success. What do wine and automobiles have to do with art? Find out as we talk with two painters who have defined their own artistic spaces with incredible accomplishment.

Luxe Beat Magazine has the exclusive this month with the start of a three-part series from chef and author John Moeller with his book on Dining at the White House. This new book is a magnificent look into the behind the scenes of more than just the eating habits of both President Bush’s and President Clinton, and the recipes are rare in that they have all only been prepared once. If you’re trying to cut calories to get into this summer’s beach attire, you might prefer to read our chic-lit book excerpt, Finding Lucas, it makes for a great beach read.

No matter where you are in the world be sure to enjoy the luxury that is all around you from a sparkling glass of champagne to a beautiful sunset. It is there for the taking.


Luxe Beat Magazine June 2014 COVERJUNE 2014: MODERN LUXURY

MODERN LUXURY is our theme for this June 2014 edition and our contributors have left no stone unturned for this issue. When you look how the luxury market has evolved over the last decade and even the last few years, it is not surprising that our expectations are growing along with modern advances. From high-tech fashion, decadent private luxury vacations, and the elite opportunity for extravagant air travel that can take you from one continent to the next. Why not take it even further and think about going into another atmosphere?

There is no stopping our taste for contemporary luxury. Cutting edge isn’t enough. We want it all and more.

Aviation is a featured focus in this progressive edition. We’ll take you from the Earth to the Moon, all from the comfort of your electronic reading device. Plan your Parisian getaway, discover where citizenM Hotels is planning their next hottest location, and get the behind the scenes look at the magic in the kitchen of Cirque Du Soleil’s TOTEM.

Luxury can be all that you desire. It is your destiny.



BASIC LUXURY is our theme for May 2014 and we’re talking about some of the must-haves in the world of luxury living. When traveling, dining or entertaining, there is no hesitation about the superiority of what our readers expect. It is a standard of living that is by no means customary, or basic.

We kick-off this edition with a modern-day take on a steampunk fantasy in Southern Chile and then off to find beauty in the incredible Abu Dhabi’s Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. Realize your racing dream at the Indianapolis 500 and treat yourself to the gourmet experience at Cerulean after a few laps around the track. Let Jia Li Designs inspire your wardrobe and find out what you should be packing for your next luxury getaway to Alexandros Palace Hotel in Greece or perhaps Caballadas in Patagonian, is more your style.

Don’t ever lose your taste for all that you deserve!


Luxe Beat Magazine April 2014 Edition  Cover -APRIL 2014: SPRING INTO LUXURY

SPRING INTO LUXURY is our theme for our April 2014 edition. Spring is a time for change, think about taking that first step to explore new luxury possibilities. We’re taking our readers around the globe, covering exotic places like Singapore and Isla Mujeres, to private vacation home rentals, or a weekend spa getaway to Cel-a-Vie. You’ll want to find out which tanning products Téa Leoni doesn’t leave home without, and find out what is trending in fashion with designers Julian Chang and Kelley Derrett.

If sailing is your passion, we have a first look at the new book Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea by James W. Graham.



Luxe Beat Magazine March 2014 Edition CoverMARCH 2014: CLASSIC LUXURY

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Can we be so bold to define luxury? Absolutely. In this edition of Luxe Beat Magazine we’re focusing on CLASSIC LUXURY.

The articles in this issue are collection of some of the favorite “classics” that our writers have had the pleasure of experiencing, and we hope you’re inspired to enjoy whatever favorite classic luxury you desire. From Old Quebec City, to sipping wine on a private tour, yachting on the Amazon, and discovering the secret behind the success of former Boston Celtics coach, Dave Cowens. This edition we hope will be a new “classic” to enjoy for years to come.



Luxe Beat Magazine February 2014 Edition - COVERFEBRUARY 2014: THE LUXURY OF ROMANCE

Luxe Beat Magazine February 2014 Premier Edition! The Luxury of Romance is our focus. Travel adventures from Burgundy, France to the sandy beaches of Hawaii to help you find your luxury Couple’s Retreat. If you’re looking for a quiet night at home, start your evening off with a cocktail designed by Ocean Vodka. Find out how Emeril Lagasse Reacts to Fisher’s Menu in Orange Beach, Alabama, and more.





To see what is coming up in future issues of Luxe Beat Magazine please review our editorial calendar.