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Pumpkin Beer Overload? Try a Cocktail!

If you’re tired of pumpkin beer or pumpkin spice coffee this fall, shake things up! Despite “pumpkin spice fatigue”, Google Trends data from August 2015 shows that the people are searching for, and craving, the fall flavor as much as ever and this year. One example is Traveler Beer Co’s Jack-O, made with real pumpkin, which was the third  highest selling craft pumpkin beer in the nation last year despite only being available in select markets. It¹s just become available nation-wide for the first time in 2015. Try out one or more of the recipes below to cure your pumpkin spice...

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Fall Cocktails Bring Warmth to Autumn Gatherings

If you’re looking for a fantastic new cocktail to spice up your October parties, Nielsen-Massey’s recipes should come to mind immediately . “Put mixology skills to the test using All-American ingredients like apples and whiskey,” said Matt Nielsen, COO of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. “By keeping a few simple add-ins on hand, such as Nielsen-Massey vanillas and flavors, it’s easy to pull together delicious cocktails for friends that warm up cool autumn evenings.” On one hand, there’s a take on classic mulled drink recipes through Nielsen-Massey’s Mulled Whiskey Cider (recipe below). It adds nostalgic warmth to any adult gathering with its smooth vanilla and...

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Reset Yourself Beauty Skin Care Line

The founders of Reset Yourself have a belief that beauty not only starts from within, but that what you put ON your body is just as vital as what you put in it. From this belief, they have created the Reset Yourself [beauty] skin care line. This line of elegant, potent, yet gentle skin food was created out of the desire to produce skincare products that were free of harmful chemicals and delivered unmistakable results. The products are never tested on animals and contain no parabens, phthalates, aluminum, mineral oils, dyes, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial fragrance or fillers. Reset Yourself...

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Sip Pink for the Cure

Sparkling ICE® is recognized as the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage brand. First created in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990’s, Sparkling ICE® beverages make a great tasting, refreshing, zero-calorie beverage Perfectly Possible. Sparkling ICE flavored sparkling waters combine naturally flavored sparkling water, vitamins, antioxidants and natural fruit juices to offer a bold, lightly carbonated beverage. As if this weren’t great enough, SPARKLING ICE believes in helping a worthy cause. They display a pink ribbon on their Pink Grapefruit bottle, every day of the year. SPARKLING ICE also donates $25,000 to various research facilities nationwide in support of finding...

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“Indian for Everyone” with Anupy Singla

Since her first book appeared four years ago, Anupy Singla’s The Indian Slow Cooker and Vegan Indian Cooking have perennially topped Amazon’s list of bestselling Indian cookbooks. Her new book, Indian for Everyone, offers more than 100 classic and popular Indian recipes—all of the traditional favorites and more—and it is expected to be a breakthrough title in bringing Indian cooking to an even larger American readership. Indian for Everyone opens up the pleasures of Indian cuisine for any home cook, regardless of dietary restrictions, level of expertise, or prior familiarity with Indian food. For novices, Singla includes descriptions of all-important Indian spices and step-by-step guidance on...

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Facial Smoothies: Solution to Wrinkle Myths

Consumers are expected to spend $171.9 billion on anti-aging products by 2019 representing an annual growth rate of 7.8% for the next five years. Unfortunately, wrinkled skin will still exist because many of the solutions on the market do not address the cause of the problem. According to Cindy Barrett, anti-aging expert and Founder of Facial Smoothies wrinkle-reversing strips, repeated facial expressions are the main cause of wrinkles, so addressing this issue is the most important key to reducing current wrinkles and preventing future ones.  Thanks to Botox®, we know this for sure. When facial muscles are paralyzed, and not...

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FriendshipCollar: World’s Only Luxury Vegan Fashion Line for You and Your Pet

FriendshipCollar, makers of the premiere vegan fashion accessories for pets and their owners, launches the luxury Boutique Collection. This new line is the second collection from the accessories brand and features exclusive patterns and embellished designs, including vegan leather snakeskin and metallic embossing. Sold in matching sets, each collar comes with a matching bracelet to symbolize the special bond between pet and owner. With luxe patterns and embellished designs, the Boutique Collection also offers a new line of matching leashes and gold-plated charms to personalize your FriendshipCollar ensemble. “We are incredibly excited to announce the new Boutique Collection. As a brand,...

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Girls’ Night In with Infuse Vodka and Xo,G

As women, our lives are busy. We are constantly running around, between work, kids, husbands, errands. At the end of the day, sometimes you just need a glass of wine. Not a whole bottle, just one glass (maybe two…). What is the solution? Xo,G. Each bottle of Xo,G is consists of four pre-filled, individually sealed, stemless wine glasses that snap together to form the equivalent of a 750mL bottle, making your stress-free night even less stressful, because it eliminates the hassle of carrying around glasses, corkscrews and a bulky bottle. The individually sealed glasses are handy for those ladies...

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Enchante Boutique Hotel Offers Organic Mattresses

Silicon Valley’s first romantic luxury hotel, Enchanté Boutique Hotel, opened April 2015, is treating guests to a sleep experience unlike any other as the first hotel in the region to fully equip its rooms with certified organic, sustainably produced mattresses. The mattresses, made by Naturepedic of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, meet the most stringent of green textile certifications without sacrificing the comfort, luxury and durability desired of a high-quality mattress for a restful night’s sleep. Enchanté is the first hotel globally to be outfitted with Naturepedic mattresses. Enchanté’s owner Abby Ahrens’ commitment to sustainable luxury and a superior guest experience...

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Last Minute Summer Cocktails

It’s not too late to enjoy summer themed cocktails! At least not according to 1800 Tequila. This company continues to employ its original distillation process, using authentic masonry kilns and copper pot stills. The age-old traditional formula is crafted with Weber Blue Agave plants grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico, and aged for eight to twelve years before they’re handpicked. Are you intrigued? Get creative with their tequila by utilizing the recipes below: Mona Se Queda (Inspired by the Daiquiri) Translates roughly as “The Monkey Stays Itself” and comes from the expression, “La mona aunque se vista de seda, mona...

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Kravis Center for the Performing Arts Announces 24th Season

The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is pleased to announce their sensational line-up of smash Broadway hits, top comedians, amazing dancers, and the superstars of Rock, Pop & Classical Music in their upcoming 24th season. The flashing, high tech marquee in front of the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts will be promoting a nonstop series of performances by show biz legends and super-hot headliners throughout the upcoming 2015-2016 season – an exciting and eclectic array of international artists and attractions from every discipline from rock to pop to classical music, from Broadway to Hollywood, from the TV screen to many of the world’s hottest nightclubs and most impressive concert stages. Such acts shall include stars like the Cleveland Orchestra, Patti LaBelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage Concert Tour 2016, William Shatner, and more.   “Our 24th season promises to appeal to audiences of all ages and entertainment preferences, from Broadway razzle dazzle to offbeat musical sensations to delightful shows for children,” said Judith Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of the Kravis Center. “With such an extraordinary line-up of super stars and award-winning shows and amazing orchestras from all over the world, the Kravis Center is once again providing superior programming as sophisticated, as diverse and as family-friendly as the community we serve.” In addition to performances in the 2,195-seat Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall with...

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Life with the Cherokee

Cherokee, North Carolina entwines the traditions of the past with the modern conveniences of today in an effort to preserve their beautiful, intricate culture. From storytelling to bonfired pottery to expressive dances, the Cherokee customs are alive (and thriving) in this small town neighboring the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. During my stay, my eyes were opened to the Native Americans’ appreciation for nature, unity and balance. My perspective on the Cherokee and on the world, was changed; may yours be, too.   I was given the opportunity to participate in several Cherokee rituals over the course of a...

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