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Etymotic’s MK5 Isolator Earphones Deliver High End Sound for a Low-End Price

New high-fidelity, low profile earphones for sports and travel I travel a lot and during long-haul flights, I plug into my vintage iPod for entertainment and usually listen to favorite audiobooks. Since engine noise can make listening difficult, I use noise isolating earphones. I’ve tried a borrowed pair of the big Bose earphones that cost about $450, and though they did a perfect job of delivering excellent, uncluttered sound quality, I decided against purchasing a pair due to their size and price. I did buy the company’s SoundTrue earphones for $130 from an online vendor—and subsequently returned them because...

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ALASTIN Restorative Skin Complex: A Powerhouse Anti-Aging Treatment

Some anti-aging products simply soothe and refresh the skin but offer no lasting improvement. And some promise and deliver powerhouse results. Alastin Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology™ is a powerhouse that is said to restore volume and plump up thinning skin, lift sagging skin and smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté–and help even out skin tone. Even better, the product contains potent antioxidants to help protect the skin from further damage. So how does it actually work? Though the texture is luxuriously rich, it is absorbed quickly so I could apply the tinted moisturizer...

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Juicepresso for a Healthy New Year

It’s a common trend to start the New Year off with something healthy. What better way to do that than with a Juicepresso? The ad was good, but it did not convince me that this product was the answer to my needs. Most of the juice presses I’ve seen were cumbersome, and I wasn’t really sure about all the accolades. But since I really wanted a juice press, I decided to give the Juicepresso a try. After my Juicepresso arrived and was unpacked, it went together quite easily and did not take up much counter space. I picked some oranges and grapefruit from my yard and cut the fruit into one-to-two-inch pieces, as recommended by the manufacturer. Now for the first test. Feeding the fruit into the Juicepresso went very quickly. The pulp came out of the second outlet easily–and the juice was delicious! The next test would be the cleaning. Everything came apart smoothly and went into the dishwasher. Nice and easy–I love it. Facts from the manufacturer: Health benefits: Ten servings of fruits and vegetables in one glass Nutrients enter the bloodstream in minutes May increase energy levels Can jumpstart and support weight loss efforts May help protect against various diseases. Why Cold Press: 40% more juice volume Higher nutrient retention than centrifugal juicers because it doesn’t generate heat that destroys some of the potency Lasts longer – 72-hour juice life Looks great...

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Modern Travel Accessories

It seems we could have new gimmicks and gadgets every month. Some we may wonder if they really will make a difference in easing travel and others may cause an eye roll or head-shake. When we get information followed by samples, we do not cover them all; we focus on those we think our readers may have an interest in discovering. Oxygen + Our first discovery for this month is Oxygen+ from It is portable, safe, natural, easy to use and packaged in a small convenient container. It’s certainly not a replacement for those on oxygen, it is...

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Homemade Confections A-List Candy Queen Judith Galindo

In the winter of 2009, I had the pleasure of being a judge at the Oregon Chocolate Festival, which is held in Ashland. In remembering the categories, they were pure chocolate, best marriage of chocolate and candy, desserts, and most innovative. The competition was tremendous and the five of us who were judges had challenging taste, criteria, and score sheets to track over two days. There were well-known purveyors who had been featured on Oprah and others with worldwide reputations. There were those up and coming shops that you knew were going to make it soon. And there, on...

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Suki, Skincare Specialist

We had the opportunity to interview Suki Kramer of the suki skin care line, which is re-launching in December. We were quite interested to see what Suki had to tell us. The product line has many more products than we tested. We would suggest checking out the website to consider the right combination for your needs. LBM: How did you get interested in skincare products and get started? Suki: I struggled with skin problems and sensitivities my whole life and the loss of confidence that came with them. I grew up teased and bullied, and of course, felt reluctant to participate fully in life...

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What Are You Renting for the Holidays?

By Sherrie Wilkolaski and Courtney Lowden If you want to feel like you just came off the runway, rent it. Fashion moves as quickly as taking your next breath. Its constant evolution can be difficult to keep up with when you want to be garbed in the latest designer look, and prefer to wear a piece only once. What is a girl to do!  There is a retailer that caters to just such a shopper and it’s called Rent the Runway. When I heard about the service, I knew we had to send our Fashion Editor, Courtney Lowden, out on...

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Sea Bags An Ideal Gift All Year Long

Several years ago, I was fortunate to receive a Sea Bag as a gift, when covering Harvest on the Harbor in Portland, Maine. It was the nicest and most practical tote bag ever. Every bag I saw was a little different, given they were made from recycled boat sails, so this provided the added benefit of being waterproof. Mine is still in active use, as I gave it to my niece. She makes many trips to the beach, so it seemed an appropriate gesture. When we were talking about the ideal tote bag for Luxe Beat Magazine readers, I...

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My Magic Wristbands Deliver More Disney Magic

A day in any theme park means a lot of walking, but the new Disney My Magic+ bands, customized radio-frequency wristbands, can honestly save you steps. Previously Disney World park guests had to stop at the attraction they desired and pick up a FastPass to avoid waiting in long lines. However, the process usually meant crisscrossing the park numerous times because they would have to return to ride. The new MyMagic+ system allows guests to reserve three FastPasses reservations per day, before they even enter the park. Disney has more than doubled the number of attractions and experiences you...

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What do Téa Leoni, Carrie Ann Inaba, Colin Cowie, and Kim Vo Have in Common—Aqua Tan

Do you want to make a fashion statement with your skin sporting a lovely natural looking glow?  That is a challenge many face and we found Hollywood insiders’ secret.  When Tina Turnbow of the New York Times  asked Téa Leoni her secret for her sun-kissed glow, Leoni responded, “Aqua Tan self-tanning products…” Other industry insiders who love Aqua Tan include Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing with the Stars; Colin Cowie, Style Maker to the Stars; Kim Vo, Stylist to the Stars; make up artists at Bloomberg TV; and discerning clients of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa.  Aqua Tan was named...

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